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Oldies - Name the players

Maroon Sailor

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John Findlay
2 minutes ago, Maroon Sailor said:


Mike Doyle (4)


Think that's Alan Ball and Brian Kidd the Arsenal players

Alan Ball, I think the one with the perm maybe Liam Brady of all players, as he had a perm when first making the Arsenal team.

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Lone Striker
14 hours ago, Tommy Brown said:

Seen on Facebook and thought it was the same photo. St John & McNeill in same spots.


Pat Crerand next to Billy McNeill.  Davie Wilson next to Law ?

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A Shoreditch Heart
8 hours ago, Tommy Brown said:


:lol:The Baseball Ground was much worse than rest. 

BBC did a piece last Saturday on Colin Bell, showed him scoring on a frozen Maine Road, nostalgia.

Just typing this made me think, I'm sure Maine Road could have been the first with under-soil heating.

yeah, I watched that yesterday morning too and it was great - proper football 🙂 🙂


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1 hour ago, Angel eyes said:


Eric Caldow and Johnny Haynes. 
Johnny Haynes was a regular spectator at Tynecastle when he came to live in Edinburgh.

I remember Eric Caldow broke his leg, playing for Scotland against England, at Wembley in the early 60s.

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