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  2. CavySlaveJambo

    Biden - Presidential transition begins

    When will the Toddler-in-chief get the message. There was no widespread voter fraud. Still bleating on about the results, including today.
  3. Morgan

    Probability Doesn't Exist in South Africa

    515151? 🤷🏿‍♂️
  4. redjambo

    Probability Doesn't Exist in South Africa

    I liked this bit: "Another 79 ticketholders won 6,283 rand each for guessing the sequence from five up to nine but missing the PowerBall." So those 79 people chose the numbers 5,6,7,8,9 but then didn't choose 10 as the powerball? Maybe they all chose 4.
  5. AlimOzturk

    Mafia sign up

    Any Number please
  6. Morgan

    ?Pam, I Love You - Am Sorry - Call Me!?

    It’s a scheme thing.
  7. Boris


    So, when Budge does go and FoH take over, in your eyes not much will have changed? You may be right about FoH and them being quiet through fear, but equally you may be wrong. As for influence, I doubt Budge is running everything by them, out with normal board protocols. But as it stands, she owns the business. Like Mercer and Vlad before her. Robinson to a lesser extent I think? Again, we're all pissed off at where we are in a footballing, competitive way, and again that's on her watch, but from a business perspective, infrastructure etc we are doing ok. Sounds a bit j
  8. Lovecraft

    Probability Doesn't Exist in South Africa

    No danger. They will declare it a mistake in the coming weeks.
  9. Enzo Chiefo

    Coronavirus pandemic

    😃. Can't disagree there Jonesy
  10. redjambo

    Coronavirus pandemic

    Cheers. If positive lateral flow tests are being urged to have a follow-up PCR test then that will force the PCR positivity rate upwards, but at least we're now employing a mass rapid-results test of some description, despite it not being as reliable as the PCR test. That should certainly help us in the fight, especially when it comes to asymptomatic cases.
  11. colinmaroon


    No, it's Llawell making sure the season ended early and standing positions to rule. I have always disliked Rangers more than Celtic, until this past farrago.
  12. jonesy

    Old Android tablet

    A relative recently gave me their old Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It's about 8 years old and runs Android Jellybean. I was hoping to stick it on the wall in the kitchen to use as a digital radio, but things like BBC Sounds won't download on the old OS. Even downloading the APK files and trying to install manually won't work. Is there any way to manually download and install a newer Android OS (or are there any alternative tablet OSes) for an old tablet, and would it work on the old hardware?
  13. Deevers

    The Sevco saga continues ...

    Seems to be more than a bit of haste about Kings reversal out of the club. Possibly even more telling that he wants this done fairly quickly. Wonder what he actually knows about what the future holds.
  14. Deevers

    Police investigation into St Mirren finances

    Die and die slowly and painfully you cheating sods.
  15. Cruyff

    The rise and fall of The SNP.

    Is he on speed?
  16. Morgan


    Mr Bear wasn’t so subtle yesterday, Locks. For further clarification of the dubiety of the OP, I refer you to the Ray Clemence thread . 👍
  17. Francis Albert


    Once the shares are transferred nothing about how Hearts are run will change. Why would the financial support from the benefactors change?
  18. jonesy

    Coronavirus pandemic

    A good opportunity to take stock and be grateful for the things we do have, no matter the circumstances.
  19. jonesy

    Coronavirus pandemic

    About 13 of them in sky blue and maroon last Saturday that should be banned - for their own safety and our sanity.
  20. CavySlaveJambo

    Coronavirus pandemic

    Who would have thought this year would have been so awful back when the news first broke in January. Oh well 2021 can only be better. And we are only on our second wave the US in on their third
  21. Taffin

    Coronavirus pandemic

    So being indifferent to taking something that's not on offer to me and I can't take anyway, encourages other people not to get the vaccine, most of whom it's also not on offer to? I happen to disagree with your second point but that's neither here nor there. My comment was about today's good news and those who it may makes its way to. Not whether we may or may not buy more of it in the future or whether or not any of the others gain approval at a future date. Edit: I'm not meaning to be obtuse but there's a lot of moaning on this thread about good news being met with ne
  22. CavySlaveJambo

    Coronavirus pandemic

    It is on the Public Health Scotland Daily Dashboard. But more along the lines of whoops we added in some lateral flow test results.
  23. jonesy

    Coronavirus pandemic

    We can all grab a drink and have a good old laugh at the posts before it is 😁
  24. Cruyff

    Hungarian Homophobe Hypocrisy

    Dirty *******
  25. jonesy

    Coronavirus pandemic

    My ears suddenly started burning, doctor. No idea why. Anyway, good to have Red back on the thread, even if he does have me on ignore 😛
  26. redjambo

    Coronavirus pandemic

    And not a minute too soon that we put the kibosh on Covid. It has been a pretty awful and stressful year all-round for virtually everyone.
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