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  2. jonnothejambo

    Vermin v Caley.

    The Times crossword at Easter Road ? mair like a Mary, Mungo and Midge colouring in book for that lot.
  3. The Real Maroonblood

    Entire football season 'could be declared "null and void’’ - Coronavirus'

    Thoughts and prayers to the Freemasons.
  4. Jamie86

    New Retro Tops on Sale but ....

    Ah OK, sounds like I should stay clear then!
  5. Give this man a coconut total media hype! I am not of course diminishing the virus it could be dangerous to many BUT the media have absolutely jumped on its bandwagon instilling fear into the community.
  6. Geoff Kilpatrick

    The New Hibs Gin.

    Gin is rank so it is appropriate for the vermin.
  7. Haken

    Vermin v Caley.

    Gotta season ticket gotta go type scenario
  8. Geoff Kilpatrick

    Entire football season 'could be declared "null and void’’ - Coronavirus'

    Told you this was Budge's contigency plan.
  9. Saughton Jambo

    Ohhh dear

    The bitterness must be oozing out the former stand in manager turned, stay at home full time gamer. Hope DS gets a result tonight to shut up all the detractors in the camp
  10. busby1985

    Ohhh dear

  11. Eno

    The New Hibs Gin.

    Or their sisters tipple.......creme de length. 😂😂
  12. Tommy Brown

    Boris Johnson

    This A few soundbites and some irritating jolly jape photos of him in wellies on a boat.
  13. Smithee

    Oh my days....

    Kitchen bin for me
  14. jack D and coke

    Oh my days....

    Where did it even come from? All of a sudden twats everywhere doing it!
  15. hmfc_liam06

    Ohhh dear

    A long haired rat.
  16. Tommy Brown

    Oh my days....

    Burst out laughin at that. Unfortunately, it brings back memories of my mum catching me pissing into the washing machine
  17. Drumelzier

    FOH Presentation Containers - Approved by JKB Admin

    Many thanks to those who have bought or noted interest so far. I'm meeting someone at Tynecastle this afternoon to give them theirs. I'll be outside the main stand before the 'wam-up' in the GS so if anyone wants to do likewise please let me know before 1pm. Thanks Alan HHGH
  18. Justin Z

    Brexit Negotiations

    There's been some truly asinine shit written on this forum, but wow. Did you actually learn to read in school? Or has it maybe been too long since you were there and you've simply forgotten? Just for clarification in case someone reading that didn't read what I actually posted--when asked, I've explained that I've had difficulties with all those advantages. I can't imagine the plight of people without them--the system is working exactly as xenophobically designed, to keep people out of the country, and the proposed changes will entrench that further. I do now understand your dismissive reply to my rather lengthy post in response to your question--I thought you were just being an arsehole and gloating over my inability to find a path through the UK visa morass. No, you simply lack reading comprehension.
  19. jack D and coke

    Recommend a tv seriesp

    I want to like it. I watch every season hoping it’s about to become BB again and it seems to drag it out and dangle the BB carrot constantly without ever getting there. There’s Hank now lol surely it’ll happen with this season? 😬 I’ll watch anyway.
  20. Tommy Brown

    Oh my days....

    So, when were you first aware of this causing you irritation? 😉
  21. Ethan Hunt

    Willo Flood

    He gets grief as he makes the same point about injuries, repeatedly, then says ‘but it’s time to move on’. Actually 99.9% of us have moved on from Levein. He’s the one that can’t let go and keeps harking back to a good start in the league two years ago and trying to make out we’d be Barcelona by now if they’d all stayed fit!
  22. Smithee

    ICT - Keatings - new tribunal rescinds card

    It very much is, it could have been walter smith, ally mccoist and ian Durant on the panel for all we know.
  23. 1874s_Kin

    Rangers Cup QF Dot Count

    ...and hopefully giving it a bit of; "DOES YOUR MRS KNOW YOU'RE OUT??!!" ..as a wee variation on the "We can see you sneaking out" song, for Alfredo Morelos.!! (should he play)
  24. Today
  25. Deans Jambo

    Toby Sibbick

    From the NHS website; How long glandular fever lasts You should feel better within 2 to 3 weeks. Some people might feel extremely tired for months. Try to gradually increase your activity when your energy starts to come back. Glandular fever can cause your spleen to swell. For the first month, avoid sports or activities that might increase your risk of falling, as this may damage your spleen.
  26. Jambof3tornado

    Ohhh dear

    Nothing wrong with the story. Nothing wrong with the science behind both methods of training drills. Mon the JTs.
  27. manaliveits105

    Vermin v Caley.

    FTH 5-1
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