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  2. chrisyboy7

    Stadium Improvements

    Thats the job of the people running the club.....But where did the money come from for the current improvements lol........
  3. Fozzyonthefence

    Club fined Zlamal for defending racist

    They must be looking to sell him then. Unlike us though, they do seem to be able to tie down their more marketable assets to very long contracts so they get good money for them.
  4. Sharpie

    New phone.

    Because of my personal circumstances I thought it advisable to buy an I phone, and cancel my home phone service while retaining that number. I made the purchase exactly a week ago. While the tech person was programming the new phone, she removed and replaced the SIM card as things were not going as planned. I got the phone home, checked all the Apps etc, and entered my numbers addresses etc. After a couple of days I was surprised how few calls I was getting, then my grandson and his Mum came to my house as his Dad was worried he could not contact me as the phone was dead. Went to the supplier
  5. Selkirkhmfc1874

    Stadium Improvements

    Where's the money coming from for these extra seats you talking about ? What you proposing etc? We've just built a new main stand which fit out hasn't been finished yet
  6. Nookie Bear

    Leigh gets upset

    Doh I just got the joke 🙈
  7. Maple Leaf

    JKB Sole Survivor competition. ELIMINATION ROUND 4

    Here are the predictions for Saturday's Hearts game: @Auldreekie1874 Home win 2 Hearts Goals 19 minutes first Hearts goal. @corryjambo Home win. Hearts to score 2 goals. First goal 38 minutes. @Gambo Home Win 16th minute 3 Goals @John Findlay 1. Home win 2. 3 goals 3. 12 minutes.
  8. Jamstomorrow

    The rise and fall of The SNP.

    I wonder if any of the good Dr Cameron's properties are called 'Arden House?'
  9. JWL

    Ryder Cup

    Rahm/Garcia Westwood/McIlroy Poulter/Casey Fleetwood/Fitzpatrick


    In the early 1970's Bay City Rollers was sprayed over the city. It was done by Tam Paton.
  11. The Real Maroonblood

    Brexit Deal agreed ( updated )

    The land of hope and glory.😭
  12. Forever Hearts

    *** Other Scottish football match thread, for anyone who gives a ****

    And quite right too. It would be financial suicide for clubs like St Johnstone to have empty seats when they could be filled and give them some much needed income.
  13. My team would be Gordon Smith Souttar Halkett Kingsley Beni McEneff Ginelly Woodburn Mckay Boyce
  14. davemclaren

    Stadium Improvements

    Probably better spending that money on other things for the forseeable future. The cost of adding extra seats needs a consistent number of extra bums on them to hit payback in an acceptable period.
  15. Konrad von Carstein

    The rise and fall of The SNP.

    I get that and agree, I was trying to offer a rebuttal of the use of hapless... The SG is in no way perfect, but the relationship with drink in this country needs resetting.
  16. Jambomuzz

    Mortgage advice

    Must have missed that, thanks mate.
  17. Mikey1874

    The rise and fall of The SNP.

    I personally think to tackle drugs you need to tackle demand. We generally focus on supply. But I'm not sure there is sufficient understanding of how readily available drugs are. The market has changed. For example better quality, cheaper cocaine.
  18. Cade

    Brexit Deal agreed ( updated )

    It's the 1970s! Open and rampant racism, police brutality, power shortages, fuel shortages, rising inflation, the whole shebang. When the Tories said they wanted to go back to how things were before we joined the EU in 1975, I didn't think they meant this.
  19. So the BBC Scotland do have a choice.
  20. JamesM48

    Local Colloquialisms

    Bless them , they keep me grounded and remind me of my humble roots 😎ps how you know he’s a working class Gorgie boy 👦
  21. Both games on Premier Sports. We'll be able to get streams from http://www.hesgoal.com/.
  22. Rupert Pupkin

    Local Colloquialisms

    Joogal.... A Dog Dunno why..
  23. Jamhammer


    Kinda proves the boys point. Open mind receives information and opinion
  24. I thought the tayside derby was the better game to cover last night but it was on premier sports so they had to do the hibs game. Wonder if it's the same for tonight. Dodgy stream to watch hibs hopefully suffer
  25. indianajones

    Hearts in FIFA 22

    Fifa is shite.
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