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  2. Nookie Bear

    Foo fighters

    Personally I feel FF success is fuelled more by Grohl’s immense attitude and sense of fun rather than how memorable their music is. The same applies to Noel Gallagher. I think his solo work is forgettable, but his interviews make up for it every time.
  3. Smith's right boot

    Michael Stewart tonight

    His personal disagreements with CL are beyond a joke now. Craigan was a dick as well. 1st pk- never, never etc. Hearts goal, handball. Walker being pushed - Craigan said something like " it was a push, but not enough contact to go down" Him and Craigan were that biased that Sutton and McCoist were the voices of balance and reason, that tells you everything.
  4. Seymour M Hersh

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    Fingers crossed, mutant dogshites all of them.
  5. Smith's right boot

    Michael Stewart tonight

    3rd, 6th and 6th isn't horrendous Lc sf and sc final last season isn't horrendous. Our away form was on par with e ery season and in fact was better than average in terms of wins, if anything our home form cost us last season. Room for improvement, yes, need for improvement-yes. His personal agenda is clear, he doesn't have a go at hibs or Aberdeen for declining from the season before, he just goes in about Hearts and in particular - CL. Any Hearts fan on Stewarts side of the fence is a complete chicken dinner.
  6. Jambo647

    Team Vs Celtic

    I’d be very surprised to see Uche start too many games from now on, we are just far too one dimensional when he plays At this point in time McLean would be our back up striker, he is a far more intelligent footballer than Ikpeazu. Obviously McLean is not the long term answer, but if we are looking to play another striker beside Washington (with Naismith playing a little deeper behind the front two) then McLean would be my and I suspect at this time, Craig Leveins preference too
  7. 1874robbo

    Top 10 Ed Fringe jokes

    I like this guy although he may offend some.
  8. 1874robbo

    Top 10 Ed Fringe jokes

    Absolutely woeful!!!!!
  9. luckyBatistuta

    Edinburgh History

    A lot been knocked down then, as I’m still not seeing it🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. ZanderMIM

    Team Vs Celtic

    It’s not only to replace Clare I’m actually a fan, I’m also just a fan of Zanatta and he’s been in good form recently! Yeah you’re right, but i would definitely rather Hearts go there and try and win rather than try not to lose.
  11. Hungry hippo


    I find the mute option very handy for dealing with this.
  12. NaturalOrder74

    Team Vs Celtic

    They’ve got their big champions league qualifier tonight so they should be exhausted on Sunday anyway loads of money up for grabs if they can reach the group stage
  13. hearts @ heart

    A War of Two Halves - Catch it before it finishes on Monday 26th August

    Me and the Mrs are going on Thursday. We were at the Usher Hall for the tribute to the McCrae's Battalion. It was very emotional and found it very moving. There is know way we could miss it.
  14. ToqueJambo

    Michael Stewart tonight

    I don’t mind a commentator with a sidekick ex player as cocommentator who provides interesting insights into players, incidents and tactics from a playing perspective. That’s not what stewart and craigen did the other night though. They behaved like pundits and just chatted through the game, eg stewart having a big rant about the handball rule. That should be left for the pundits to discuss at the end.
  15. Morgan

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    Ca va bien. Et vous?
  16. Locky

    Reserves game next week at Oriam

    Looking at that league this year, we should be pissing it.
  17. DETTY29

    More Tory lies

    The irony is that not that long ago Brexiteers were complaining that the UK pensions were peanuts compared to France and Germany with the innuendo that it's because of the amount of money we send the EU each year and the UK was funding their pensioners despite certainly Germany having a far bigger EU deficit than the UK.
  18. Seymour M Hersh

    Going Veggie

    Slowly but surely reverted to eating everything so put weight back on as not exercising enough. I think diets are all well and good for losing weight but to keep it off is much harder to do by remaining on these low carb diets. I mean we're Scottish ffs so bevvy has to be taken and sometimes to excess!
  19. Gavman81

    Team Vs Celtic

    One of my most favourite games and goals ever. Still haven’t forgiven Eoin Jess for ruining our league ambitions that year.
  20. jonnothejambo

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    Mon plaisir, mon ami. Comment ça va ?
  21. Prof

    Tom Boyd. Oh dear.

    I think we can all rely on The Tache, late CEO of the Edinburgh Celtic Tribute Act and now chief windbag, seat warmer and air miles collector extraordinaire at the SFA to bring his usual impartial views on this.
  22. Morgan

    Quick question about selling a vehicle...

    You’ve done far worse.
  23. ri Alban

    world music

  24. Jamhammer

    Top 10 Ed Fringe jokes

    If this is the best they can do Levein out! It's time Billy Davies took over the fringe with no interference from above
  25. ri Alban

    Top 10 Ed Fringe jokes

    Milton Jones is fecking woeful.
  26. ri Alban

    Top 10 Ed Fringe jokes

    No chance. The crap joke thread should be essential reading for these so called Comedians.
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