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  2. I suppose if you've witnessed Leicester City win the Premiership there is a danger everything else may lose it's sheen. 10.5 and counting is a great effort.
  3. i8hibsh

    Loic Damour

    In the past 4 years of hell this boy is the deepest darkest point. I do not have one positive thing to say about him.
  4. i8hibsh

    “Good enough for the Championship”

    Sadly, our owner will be more concerned about community work, taking a knee, rainbow laces, girls teams, hospitality, Hibs, digital inovation centres, the SFA, a stand, rainbows, pixies, unicorns, Harry Potter, yachts, butterflies and Juniper trees to concern herself with such pressing matters.
  5. JFK-1

    Donald Trump

    It was always a retarded concept and think of how stupid you would have to be to elect someone on this even if it were realistic. No wall, no Hillary locked up. That was effectively all he ran with. Build that wall, lock her up. The stupidity of these people is mind boggling. And this time that wont play so well. It looks like this time all he has is a claim that the election is rigged. That's a policy the country should vote for?
  6. Maple Leaf

    Donald Trump

    'BUILD THAT WALL'. In 2016 it was vitally important, or so he said. And Mexico was going to pay for it, or so he said. But they haven't built a wall, and Mexico laughed at Trump for his suggestion. Now they've found yet another tunnel, which makes the notion of a wall laughable. He's an idiot. .
  7. Their result reminds of an episode of Only an Excuse. They were doing a review of the season and started by saying that Hibs made their intentions clear right from the start and were on top of the league right up to the end of August 😂. Ended up being relegated
  8. Independence

    Season ticket latest 10.5k sold ( Renewal period ends 8/8 )

    This comment has to be a wind-up? Everyone has their own opinions but if this is not a 'wind-up', it is an extraordinary attack on those Hearts fans who have not renewed! Instead of attacking those fans who probably couldn't because of the lack of earnings due to COVID 19 (hospitality etc.), the uncertainty to fans wages because of COVID 19 and/or the knowledge that fans might not be able to even get into Tynecastle at all this season (For what its worth, I dont think fans will be back in stadiums this season), you should be praising the huge amount of fans who have gone beyond and above to support the club during tases hard times by increasing FoH pledges, selling 10,500 ST and paying other amounts such as the food (restaurant)/shop merchandise etc. Compared to other clubs, taking everything into consideration, we have done incredibly well.
  9. Kiwidoug

    “Good enough for the Championship”

    We have the unique advantage this season that we have a virtual passport to a Scottish Cup final in late October. That will stimulate the team to good league performances and a good run in the League Cup. All looking pretty damned good.
  10. Today
  11. George Cowie

    “Good enough for the Championship”

    I have a worry that we won’t get promoted this season, but not because of those 5 words; we will be streets ahead of all the Championship teams. It will be for the very same reason we were ejected from the SPL this last season, Covid. However this time there won’t be promotion or relegation because the SPFL will argue that you cannot call the league after 14 fixtures (for example), however they will dish out the prize money for Celtics 10th championship in a row won with a record low number of points. And during the subsequent SFA arbitration process which we will undoubtedly call for, once again strange logic will win and we will be confined to another year or maybe 3 whilst Covid comes and goes. Where is that joining the English pyramid thread ?
  12. muldoon74

    “Good enough for the Championship”

    Good enough for the championship implies to me that its lower league players being bigged up.. We should have enough in the armoury to take of the championship regulars... The "Good enough" chat is , for me, utter Old Firm shite. "We've got this because of who we are.. not ability..!".. Go out, get in, get the win .move on to the next one.
  13. J.T.F.Robertson

    The JKB Official Ice Hockey Thread

    Sounds like you're happy, all the best. When's the housewarming? Promise to bring my PPE.
  14. crunchy frog

    Wish discount shop

    Nobody wants cds/dvds any more (apart from me) buy it off music magpie or somesuch innit 👍
  15. Locky

    Things you've always wondered about but couldn't be bothered to find out

    Any night hawks or amateur astrologists know what the bright star like thing in the east is? Got up to get a drink and it caught my eye. Rising quite a bit. Wee app on my phone says it might be Venus, but dunno how accurate it is. Do the planets all move at different rates? Because I tried googling venus in the sky, and got diagrams showing it in different places in relation to the moon, all different to how it is now. Do stars move through the night sky too like planets? Can't say I ever noticed but I imagine they must as it's obviously the earth that's moving. Space blows my mind man.
  16. IveSeenTheLight

    Aberdeen players test positive - match postponed

    I guess it will depend which of the 2 tested positive.
  17. Kenneth Dubeke

    Time to bin Private Hire Car promotion

  18. Ricardo Quaresma

    Interesting Piece of Jambo-related Trivia

    MK dons
  19. JFK-1

    Donald Trump

  20. Ricardo Quaresma

    Interesting Piece of Jambo-related Trivia


    Best Solo Goal

    Arbroath away (just a few days after losing the SC semi to Dundee UTD, 74 ? ). Donald Park picks up a short throw from the Hearts keeper and runs the length of the pitch before scoring.
  22. neilnunb

    Great womens tennis player of all time?

    🤣 oh it's late... 😛
  23. Der Kaiser

    Great womens tennis player of all time?

    No....not her. Pretty sure she was quite a cheeky lass......
  24. neilnunb

    Great womens tennis player of all time?

    Arantxa Sanchez Vicario? I loved watching her play. Never gave up on anything. Loved when she used to do a wee drop shot.
  25. Rooster20

    Hearts transfer window ( Clare leaves )

    I have no issue with signing a player like Akhamtov, can't imagine he will be on much wage and is a pretty low risk signing. Give him a 1 year contract and if it doesn't work then oh well. Having said that I would hope that for every speculative signing like this we would also be looking at proven talent.
  26. millerjames398

    Best Solo Goal

    His shot looked like it was goin to hit the ball boy behind the goals, the curl was unbelievable👍🏼,,,Millar goal was quality as well, but not a solo effort either 😆
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