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1 General Posting Rules:


1. Always treat fellow members with respect and courtesy. Abuse is not permitted.

2. No posting of vulgar or obscene material or other inappropriate material. No nudity or pornography is allowed.

3. Do not post any picture, comment or link that could be considered offensive by normal standards of society. Do not post pictures that contain close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches.

4. A profanity checker is employed to reduce the volume of swearing on the board. Do not bypass the checker through the use of coded profanity. Do not post links to sites that violate JKB rules.

5. No derogatory or abusive comments against other posters including slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

6. No personal threats or harassment.

7. Sectarian, homophobic, or racist comments are not permitted. This does not exclude legitimate debate on current issues that may relate to sectarianism but a careful monitor will be placed on such debates.

8. Flag debates are not permitted. If a debate on flags starts do not post on the thread.

9. Members may not take any action that bypasses the administrative controls or processes of JKB, such as starting a new thread on a topic that has already been closed.

10. Responses within a thread must remain on topic to that thread.


11. You must use the @ function to refer to a member who has not already posted on a thread. This must not be used to abuse or troll the member. 

12. To report a rule violation in a board post click "Report this Post" to inform a moderator. Use this facility only if there is a clear rule violation.  Do not use the facility for spurious reasons.

13. Do not encourage, condone, or attempt to justify criminal activity and do not encourage, condone, or attempt to justify violence.

14. You may not post the personal information of yourself or any other person without the prior approval of a JKB moderator or administrator. This includes (but is not confined to) phone numbers, Email addresses and home or work addresses

15. No spamming. Spamming is multiple posts that say the same thing or starting multiple threads about the same thing.

16. No trolling. Trolling is the act of posting with the explicit and sole intent of annoying other members

17. No cyber bullying. This includes posting unfounded personal attacks, stalking, harassing, innuendo, or any behaviour intended to demean others.


2 Legal restrictions:


1. No business offers, charity fundraising or advertising of any kind should be posted on the board unless approved in advance with the Administrators.

2. No posting of copyrighted material unless you own or have rights to the copyright

3. Do not make any potentially libellous comments about anyone.

4. No impersonation of other users. You may not represent yourself as another person company or entity.

5. Any member who threatens legal action against Jambos KickBack will have his posting rights suspended until the threat is withdrawn or the legal action is concluded


3 Other areas of JKB including user names, avatars, signatures, private messages, etc:


1. The rules posted under General Posting Rules apply to all areas of JKB which include but are not limited to user names, signatures, avatars, the Report Post function, blogs, social groups, email and Private Messages.

2. The Report Post feature is to be used only for the stated purpose. Do not misuse the feature by reporting posts for trivial reasons.

3. You may be asked to change your username at the discretion of the Admin team

4. You may only register or use one user ID. Multiple IDs are not allowed.

5. You may not register a name that is similar to an existing member

6. We do not allow the uploading of modified flags for use as avatars


4 Administrative information:


When you register you are required to provide an Email address.


You must keep your Email address up to date (using My Controls) to prevent blocking the mailing system with returned and undeliverable mail.


In the event that your Email address is found to be invalid during our automatic (random) checks your posting rights may be suspended until you update your profile.


Try to avoid using Email addresses that are connected to Spam Filters (unless you permit @hmfckickback.co.uk addresses as a friend or that you use an auto-responder with as these both result in numerous Emails going back and forth and blocking the system for other users.

Your Email address is used to notify you of New PMs and also New Posts to topics you are subscribed to the Administrator may also send an Email advising of important information in all circumstances you can choose not to receive these Emails from My Controls when you are logged in


5 Criminal Conduct:


You may not post anything that is considered to be potentially criminal. The posting of computer viruses, child pornography or links to computer viruses or child pornography is prohibited. Posts made under circumstances indicating a considered likelihood of inciting a violent or felonious act or a subjective intention or knowledge that its content will be used for or in furtherance of any criminal purpose are also prohibited.


Such posts will be moved offline and referred to proper legal channels.


6 Moderators:


1. The moderators and Administrators are members of the JKB Admin team who have volunteered their time to ensure that posting rules are followed. Moderators are necessary in order for members to receive maximum enjoyment from using this board and to protect everyone from possible civil and criminal liability.


2. Do not abuse Moderators or any other member of the Admin Team. Moderator decisions are not open for discussion or debate. Posting criticism of members of the moderator/Admin team or posting comments that could be taken as questioning moderator decisions, will be viewed as moderator abuse. Do not speculate on Moderators identities. Such actions by a member may result in a permanent ban.


3. Members who violate the posting rules are subject to sanction by the Moderators. Sanctions may comprise of one or more of the following:

  • a written warning
  • an warning with warning points
  • a temporary suspension of posting rights
  • a permanent ban from JKB


4. When a member reaches 4 warnings, a 7-day suspension is applied. When he reaches 5 warnings, a 14-day suspension is applied. For 6 warnings or more a minimum 21-day suspension is applied.


5. The Moderating team reserves the right to remove any upload or contribution at any time and for whatever reason they see fit. This includes posts, threads, signatures, and avatars.


6. The Moderating team reserves the right to expand these rules as necessary to protect JKB from civil and criminal liability.

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