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Ron Burgundy
9 hours ago, Boston Jambo said:

The Endless Trench.

A Spanish language movie about the "moles" who had to go into hiding in attics, crawl spaces etc, to avoid execution after the Spanish Civil War. Many of them remained hidden for thirty years or more until Franco granted them amnesty.



Where did you watch this? Prime? Netflix?

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Winter's Bone   Tough drama set in really small town USA (Ozark Mountains).   Really impressed at the performances in this - a few Oscar nominations at the time.   7.5/10

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Furious Styles

Jojo rabbit - 8/10


Superb comedy about a young boy in hitlers army who finds a Jewish girl hiding in his attic. 
I watched it on now tv. 

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1 hour ago, Tazio said:

A bit late to the party but just watched The Meg. Jason Statham battling a giant prehistoric shark. 
It’s utter tosh. 
I enjoyed it. 

Anything with Statham will do me. You know they’re not going to win any acting awards, but that’s not why we watch  them. Love Crank and Transporter

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Fantasy Island: Nostalgic, shit acting, mysterious storyline, some horror, some comedy.   


Hard to recommend it.   Not sure what the plan is, if they are going to do a series or sequel.   Hope they ditch the main actors, total pish. 







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The Frenchman Returns





we had never gotten round to watching this as we find we need to be in the mood for a subtitled film, particularly over 2hs. 

wow, what a twisted black comedy that was, absolutely loved it. 

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Rewatched Local Hero after a long long gap since the first watch.


Persuaded Mrs VM to watch it on my recommendation so no pressure.


What a gorgeous witty and charming film. New the basic plot from previous but it’s all about the characters and the fabulous acting performances that make the film.


The Mark Knopfler soundtrack brings a tear to the eye.


Its interesting watching a film now compared to say 30 years ago as you appreciate different aspects as you get older.


If you haven’t seen this dare I say it “classic” you won’t be disappointed 👍

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13 minutes ago, ri Alban said:

Fat man 10/10 A fantastic take on Santa Claus. 

And  has 2 of my favourite actors in it. Mel Gibson and the outrageously good Walter Goggins. 

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Just watched Megan is missing, basically a paedo online predator version Blair witch movie, my daughter said it looked ok so we put it on, what a complete pile of shit!! 

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