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Would you have confidence in board getting next managerial appointment right.


Would you have confidence in the current board getting next managerial decision right?  

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  1. 1. Would you have confidence in the current board getting next managerial appointment right?

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This Board have been put to the test so many times & come up well below par on all aspects of football team matters. The big test was the original DOF 5-year board agreed plan which started with Hearts winning the Championship (& celebrating like they won the World Club Cup) & ended up back in............ ..the Championship.

If one ever need concrete evidence of a lack of board football industry knowledge & awareness it is contained therein. The disastrous impact of this incompetence is such that it has led HMFC to be in a continual vortex of lacking in proper leadership on all fronts; zero clarified ambition; accountability avoidance; a mystery as to why this strategy was adopted; no board communication; fans feeling cut off & devoid of purpose; & a question of "what is the objectives of the board for the team?".

Or is it a case of the board expecting when they employ a Sporting Director, Manager or Coach that at this point the board's duty is over & complete and this should be enough to suffice?? - it's not actually beyond belief this lot could be so naive & self-focused on their own alternative business objectives. From the outside looking in it all beggars belief & to add insult to injury SN is quoted today as saying "instant success, aint happening". If we take today's comment against the long-term evidence quoted above the SN statement would be better clarified as "success aint ever happening". - As our leaders don't know what it looks like or how to go about it.


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