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To hibs.net - here is how we're feeling tonight


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Guest Bilel Mohsni



This ***** was trying to avoid me all day :lol:


Mine too. I intentionally turned up for morning break ten minutes late, to lure him in to a false sense of security... Should have seen the boys face drop when I walked through the door sideways like a crab, to fit my smug grin through the door frame. :smug:

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Guest C00l K1d

Level playing field aye?


Down to our own actions aye but weve got a 15 point deduction and no allowed to sign any players! :laugh:


Its about as a level playing field as the 2012 scottish cup final ::troll:::'>

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At least they will always have 7-0






























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Juan Jose Carricondo Perez

Can't remember if it was their cup final thread that had a rant about being sucker punched by us time and time again and the poster was sick of it.


Imagine being him right now :rofl:

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Maiden Gorgie

Another pumping from Heart of Midlothian in front of a live studio audience


Nobody does it better.....................


Ram it

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Has anyone noticed that every time we piss all over them they call for their managers head. Going by that, if their board listened they would have gone through more managers in the last 10 years than us.

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At a glance, some of them are hoofing their season tickets. One is posting his back.


Accompanied by a strongly worded letter no doubt.


They're good at that.

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yep they have just tryed going over there to piss my self even more and i cant get on..what a bunch of sad sad sad losers

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hahaha locked their site!! :pleasing:

Just noticed that. Went on to feel their pain and couldn't get past the first page. Oh they hurting alright!

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