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To hibs.net - here is how we're feeling tonight


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I can't post pictures from my mobile, but if I say that I've not felt this happy since Lord God Sir Rudi of Gorgie tucked away our fifth on 19/05/2012 I trust my current level of happiness will be obvious.

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Guest Bilel Mohsni

Personally I don't give a flying **** what the Hibbies think. I am happy!


Hmmm... I suppose so.


However... I love Birthday cake, and I love icing. I wouldn't eat icing on its own, but I prefer Iced Birthday cake to all the previous options. ;)

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We should start charging marie curie to stand in the enclosures from now on aswell.


60/40 split plz.


Should be getting folk to jump them after the game and chuck the whole lot into a bucket.


**** heart disease and stroke victims, we need money to pay for another cup.



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That was the start of their derby dominance.


Oh, wait.




:lol: More like the end of it. A whole 5 games unbeaten, twas a miraculous run of form.

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Apart from feeling raunchily happy i would just like to post this below to all the Hobos looking in and remember it could have been TEN... FTH...

















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They are spewing over the road which is ******** hilarious


Some pen1-5 called Peter wrote


No doubt but we know what they are and they know what they are. The history books will say one thing but the way it was all achieved will never leave them. We have nothing to be ashamed of and if any team has earned the title "wee" it's them.


Nothing to be ashamed of pmsl

Let's see

1. Empty Seats (0 v 9) Malmo (Europa embarrassment)


2. Wee teams loan players they couldn't afford (1 v 5) Glorious Jambos (Scottish Cup shame)

3. Can't fill their Legoland soulless Stadium

4. 1902 - ;) Say no more

5. Probably the worst derby record in the world


People like them make each day sweeter, the samaritans will soon make a bomb with those calling from the Dockside :)

They will be looking for a way out when we rise again with a fraction of our debt or more long term debt FREE - bring it on

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Yup every single one. Barr... Skacel... Grainger... Skacel again... Mcgowans... **** even Mcpakes


Glorious day.




Great news also! :D

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