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"innocent" man dies after police assault


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I must say that in all the demos I have been to, and I've been on a few, the trouble was almost always started by the demonstrators. It always seemed to me to be a minority of extremists who wanted to elicit a response of some kind from the police. And when they eventually got it they whined about brutality and the police state.

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Ian Tomlinson was outside the police cordon. Not inside. The video clearly shows a trio of obvious City types having a conversation in the foreground. Not a baying mob of anarchists.


There was NO crowd for the police to clear.


They were under no threat at all.


One of the **** chose to murder a citizen on the streets and YOU defend them. How's life in the BNP?

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Have you been to many demonstrations recently? I appreciate it's only anecdotal evidence but the ones i've attended over the past 2/3 years have been completely trouble free until officers start trying to deal with things in a "robust" fashion.


No - the only real experience I've had of this sort of thing was the G8 thing in Edinburgh a few years ago. Being a pedestrian in Princes Street during one of the demos was a pretty interesting experience. The behaviour of many of those supposed "demonstrating" was pretty dire. Most of them had English or foreign accents and were hell bent on causing bother.

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Drew Busby !

More footage there on Channel 4 News, tracking the same officer at various points and times - and with some other angles on the assault itself.


The IPCC tried to ban it (of course).


Channel 4 News is repeated at 8PM on the Channel 4 + 1 channel, probably also on their website.

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Bomber Harris' Best Mate
I have just watched the video of this so-called "innocent" man and in my opinion it is clear he is trying to be a wide-boy and deliberately walk out of the police way as slowly as possible.


I am sorry the guy died, but I am really hacked off at the super pc newspapers claiming that those nasty policeman assualted an "innocent bystander" - I'm sorry, if there is riot police coming and telling you to do something, you do it quicker than he does in the video, assuming you are really innocent of course!





don't know what footage you watched but that pig DID assualt that man, there was no means for him to assault him, a verbal warning then arrest is the procedure.


Give the coward a uniform and watch him use the power that goes with it.

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Bomber Harris' Best Mate
Not that long after the story broke Channel 4 News did a piece on this. It seemed that the male had tried to get out beyond the police cordons 2 hours earlier at 2 or 3 different points only to be denied exit. He then seems to have vanished off the radar for 2 hours before going down the street where he is knocked to the ground.


There is obviously something happening on the street as the police have been deployed in a standard running line tactic with batons drawn. Unfortunately like most things, the camera only catches what is in front of it not what is to the side or behind. In this instance, there are no pictures of what are behind and to the side of where the footage was shot. However, if a line of cops with batons drawn and dogs mixed in the line is moving/jogging forward, common sense would tell you to get out the way of it. The pictures are inconclusive as the line already have their batons drawn when they start to move and it doesn't really show if the officer actually swings his baton and strikes him or uses the baton to push him out the way, causing him to fall.


Running lines are standard tactics for crowd dispersal.


With regard to the female, you can clearly see the officer is faced by a hostile crowd. She is warned to 'Get Back' before the officer is slightly stood in front of her. She then grabs/touches the officer on his shoulder when he has his back to her. He is facing a hostile/angry crowd and not taking his eye of them he lashes out with the back of his hand to push whatever it was away, in this instance hitting her in the face. The officer then adopts a defensive pose with his arm up, palm facing outwards and is balancing on his back foot. The female comes back at this point and again starts yelling at the officer. This however appears to be where he has problems, when he strikes her with his baton.


Police use of force is all about justification. If you can justify why you have used the force you have, then under Common Law in England & Wales, you don't have an issue. For example, the officer who was lying on the ground in Manchester getting the crap kicked out of him by Der Hun. If another officer had came to his aid and used his baton to strike the Rangers fans, he would have had justification under Common Law to Protect Life & Limb. An elderly female shoplifter gets arrested. She causes no problems yet the officer strikes her with his baton. Theres no justification for the level of force used there and this becomes a problem for the officer.


With regard the male you can see being hit by the shield. All you can see is the officers holding their shields up in a solid line. There are hundreds, if not thousands pushing against the line. The shields are also what are called short shields (small, designed for personal protection), covering only their facial area. The officer has struck out but because you cannot see what is going on below chest level, you have no ide what actually happened. The male could have been continuously kicking the officer or punched him in the bollox or something similar to the officers unprotected body area.


Its easy to sit and pass judgment on what was clearly a difficult situation. I was in a similar one last year when Der Hun was in Manchester and without saying too much, ended up trying to arrest 2 of them while on my own then having about 20 or 30 of them screaming for your blood around you. You've got idiots with cam phones filming you while trying to detain them shouting at you that they're 'Gettin you done for assault, by the way' and other idiots who are looking to kick the crap out of you. I had my baton drawn and was yelling at the crowd to get back in what could be perceived as an unprofessional manner, however when you are in that situation, all you are thinking about is self preservation.



Without picking out from your statement i think you really need to justify why certain members of the police force feel the need to exert the free power they get when they pull on the uniform, i once got arrested at Haymarket after a Hearts v Celtic game, one of the arresting officers felt the need to over do the restraining despite the fact i wasn't resisting and every now and then forced my arm up my back and kneed me in the back of the legs until the van came, to cut a long story short i asked him if he could do what he had done without the uniform on and requested we could chat outside working hours on his arresting abilities (sarcastically of course).


I have never seen this officer again but i would love to meet up with him.... without the uniform of course.


PS No charge, no evidence, wrong place wrong time despite spending 5 hours in the cells.


PPS Not ALL COPPERS ARE BAST**DS..... especially my good friend D and Billy.

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