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Rudi Skacel

Mafia Kill the Goons part IX

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11 hours ago, Bunny Munro said:

I've been thinking of running a game (my first). Any tips on how to make it easy for myself would be welcome.


I used a colour-coded spreadsheet...but as Rudi says a bit of paper will do equally well.


Keep a regular eye on the thread.


For the first go I might be tempted to forget about banning voters - let the town comment on them and find them guilty or make them defend themselves.


Try and get the lynching information out as soon as you can after deadline (or don't have deadlines :whistling:)


Give the night-roled folk a strict time-limit to respond. One game I did when Geoff was Doc he would send in a priority list of whom to protect so that if the first got lynched I'd go to the next and so on. This allowed the game to flow when he might have been unavailable due to time difference and kept him as hidden as he could be.


Try not to comment too much on the thread other than necessary information.


Don't overcomplicate things for your first go - I think the very first game just had goons v townies. Doc, Cop, Masons, Assassin all came after that as game improvements.


11 hours ago, milky_26 said:

ban boof


:lol:  I don't make it that bad for the moderator :lol: 

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