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What are you Listening to Right Now?


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsrr_2vDr8&feature=fvw   Since it would have been Freddy Mercury's birthday.   Also been listening to The Final Frontier, hoping it'll grow on me.

Parisienne Walkways-Gary Moore at his best and Mr Philip Lynott vocals.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw0i3ZeO_r4

<BR><BR>A whole lot wetter and you can get a fully manned speedboat in there <BR><BR>As for Orkney women...my lips are sealed...<BR>

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Think it's because the sun is out but really missing clubs or just chilling out on a beach  😐



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Fxxx the SPFL

Recorded Channel 5 last night hits from the 80's 1981 year me and the Mrs got married some great hits watch it later tonight.

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and one more by them



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Quality tune.    Can't say I've heard it before until now.    Will be on my promotion playlist.    Hopefully future trophy too.  👍 








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Tupac basically was warning Biggie  that he was a dead man walking with this incredible song ! Powerful


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fancy a brew

Thanks someone referencing Tom Robinson on another thread this song came into my head, not listened to it for a long time but it didn't disappoint.



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the Hearts way

"I-Soul-Nation",   played on radio Saltire  last two Thursday's,  Northern Soul night. 

Northern Lass.  On YouTube. 

Edinburgh band 👌


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