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'Islam4UK' Plan March on Wootton-Bassett.


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He was a dangerous self important evil animal.

That treated his people like animals.

A dictator of the worst kind, killed his own son n law.

So there was no WMDs , must have moved them quick .

Something was dodgy, thats for sure.


Yes he was a vile *******. But one who was propped up by British, American and other Western govts alike and only ran foul when he ceased to be of use to them and threatened certain oil interests. A glance at the Scott Report of the mid-90s will give you a particular insight into how Saddam was a valued customer. Everyone goes on about George Galloway's meeting with him, there is also some very cosy footage of Saddam embracing the likes of Douglas Hurd, David Mellor, Donald Rumsfeld and Jacques Chirac before setting down to negotiate some lucrative arms contracts.


If we are talking dictators, why not topple Mugabe or the one in China? Answer being that unlike Saddam and Iraq, there's no oil in the former and the latter would kick our arse! Saddam was essentially a soft target sitting on an oil well.

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Why are you so happy for protesters against Britain to march.

These people and their thinking are dangerous to our well being

Are you British.


Talk about "my country right or wrong"! Showing your 'a la carte' democratic principles here. Democracy only on your terms which is already a dangerous step towards a dictatorship. Yet dissent from whatever direction is what helps make a democracy strong.

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