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Cammy Devlin

Clerry Jambo

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A player that gets the club and bursts a gut for us every game.


Wonder what he thinks of the attitude of some of his team mates, going through the motions.


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8 hours ago, pettigrewsstylist said:

I think he has this season, albeit only marginally. Certainly not the first midfielder i would be looking to shift on. Our central midfield standard is pretty low currently tbh.

Agree it’s the weak part of the team all very similar but I think the Hoff could become very good.

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34 minutes ago, saxondale said:

We would not have had the same level of control we had today if Devlin replaced either Beni or Calem.

Exactly. Devlin runs around but tactically is naive. Calem positionally is pretty good.


Beni is a class above both though in terms of his reading of the game.

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39 minutes ago, The Mercer Takeover said:

Game missed Devlin badly. The Hoff should have come off. He was dreadful and posted missing in the 2nd half.

You hate Hoff we get it. But you seem incapable of an objective opinion,  he was good today. Everyone apart from you can see that.

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