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Geoff Kilpatrick

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3 hours ago, TypoonJambo said:

He plays the no10 role really well but there's no denying he's lost his touch in front of goal. How many replacements out there, that we can afford, who  can do what he does for the team plus have the killer touch? Gold dust!!

I’d think (even if we can get Ellis Back) we’ll be signing another striker. Boyce won’t be going anywhere but someone who offers something different, a penalty box striker with a bit of pace, is what we need. Gives RN another option. 

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5 hours ago, Bob Loblaw said:

No, it's exactly because I've not watched one game that I have the opinion I do. He was poor yesterday,  and poor in the semi. Apart from that he's been very good. Good against Hibs and United, good against Aberdeen,  County and Livingston. He's also got 16 goals this season. He's one of the last people I think deserves stick tbh.

He wasn’t good against United the other week IMO. 

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