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The eventual return to Tynecastle ( merged )


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7 hours ago, been here before said:






"With that in mind we propose the following to take account of differential season ticket prices :-


· Bronze / Gold / Silver : 1 streamed game is treated as 1 game off your 18 game season ticket


· Platinum / Premium : 2 streamed games is treated as the equivalent of 1 game off your 18 game season ticket.  For the balance of games, you will be offered “streaming credit” vouchers to be used for Retail or Hospitality to the value of £25/£35 per game.  Should you not wish to receive a voucher, you will be credited with the appropriate number of games against next season’s renewal....




Example : Worse case scenario

(a) No supporters are allowed in this season.

14 Home Games are streamed

4 Cup Games are streamed

Bronze / Silver / Gold : Full value of season ticket is assumed to be used.

If unable to take full advantage of streaming, vouchers for £15 per game will be offered, to be redeemed for retail or hospitality.


Platinum / Premium : The equivalent of 9 games are assumed to have been used via streaming arrangements.  9 sets of vouchers for £25/£35 are offered for either Retail or Hospitality.


Note : Should supporters be unable/unwilling to utilise the voucher system at all or in full, a credit for “unused” games will be applied to next year’s season ticket.





Cheers, brings the streaming price down a bit at least! 

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