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What are you Listening to Right Now?


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsrr_2vDr8&feature=fvw   Since it would have been Freddy Mercury's birthday.   Also been listening to The Final Frontier, hoping it'll grow on me.

Parisienne Walkways-Gary Moore at his best and Mr Philip Lynott vocals.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw0i3ZeO_r4

<BR><BR>A whole lot wetter and you can get a fully manned speedboat in there <BR><BR>As for Orkney women...my lips are sealed...<BR>

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blink 182 - not now


im a fan of there newer songs as they matured and the songs had meaning, unlike ther old ones which were mostly toilet humour


anyone a fan or just me?:)

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Once Upon a Time: the Singles


1. Hong Kong Garden 2. Mirage 3. Staircase (Mystery) 4. Playground Twist 5. Happy House 6. Christine 7. Israel 8. Spellbound 9. Arabian Knights 10. Fire Works

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Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead


The whole album is class but this is my favorite track, great video as well.

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My tastes are quite mainstream. The last ten randomly selected tracks I've listened to on last.fm are -


Athlete - Half Light

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

The Feeling - Sewn

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Travis - Selfish Jean

Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

Interpol - Pioneer to the Falls

We are Scientists - Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt

Mansun - Stripper Vicar

Feeder - Lost and Found

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Good shout Kenny - great album! :thumb:


Aye, going to see them in March.... not massively in to my modern bands but the enemy are good, the track "live and die in these towns" sounds scarily like the Jam imo.... buy my opinion can be pash.

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-Hong Kong Garden; Mirage; The Staircase (Mystery); Playground Twist; Love in a Void; Happy House; Christine; Israel; Spellbound; Arabian Knights

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Enemy Albumn - Live and die in these towns.... .


Good shout, going to see them Easter weekend @ The Corn Exchange. Messy weekend got the Wille Bauld dinner on the sat and then the gig on the sunday.


Listen to Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Club mix)

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This was on page 6! Jesus wept - what is civilisation coming to?


Rolling Stones - Let It Loose


Jagger in "sings soul" sensation.

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