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Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate


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One of the most gripping podcasts I've ever listened to - I did all episodes in one push. 


The BBC team raise the bar with this one, and I haven't seen it posted to date.


I'm of an age where I can vaguely remember Fettesgate and asking my parents 'what's that all about'. So to listen to this and hear the whole story unfold was un-real!


Hat tip to @MylesBonnar and the production team for taking the purpose of podcasts to the next level. 


Below, you've got the podcast, then the Disclosure TV documentary - I'd strongly recommend doing them in that order. 


(Also hearing its being touted for international audio/podcast awards - it's that good) 










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I really enjoyed the podcast as it was a great listen. 


One of the magic circle was my history teacher when I was at school and I reached out to the podcast creator to discuss it.


About 1996 when I was at Uni, my girlfriend and I moved into a bedsit at 37 Palmerston Place and, whilst we knew Tam Paton was our landlord and a bit dodgy, I was really surprise what happened at that building a few years before we moved in.

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I listened to it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  I mainly listen to podcasts in the car, so I found myself out driving more than I normally would to get through more episodes of it.


It amazes me that there was (is) a whole parallel world going on around me in Edinburgh. 

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