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Stupidly , comical wrong quiz answers


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There are numerous examples of this 



I’ll start 


What type of hat was Sherlock Holmes famous for wearing. ? 


Answer : a black one !!!



( Weakest link tonight) 




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Chase cash builder.

Q. Who was the first person to introduce the package holiday in 1849?


Contestant's answer. British Airways.

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There was a phone-in radio quiz show here years ago that had a few famous comedy answers.  The host's name was Larry Gogan.

Larry: What's the capital of France?


Caller: F



Larry: What was Hitler's first name?


Caller: Heil.



Larry: Name an occupation where you might need a torch.


Caller: Burglar.



Larry: Who would use a shuttlecock?


Caller: An astronaut.

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Are You Smarter than a 10 Year Old…


Girl was at University. She was on around £1,000 and could double up if she could answer the next question.


The question…


On what continent is the Amazon river,


A/ Asia

B/ Europe

C/ South America 


She said she knew it, but was too scared to take the risk and decided to take the £1,000


The presenter looked shocked and after awarding her the money, asked her what she would have went for…



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