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2021 - 2022 Player of the Year.


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POTY - Craig Gordon


Newcomer of the year - Cameron Devlin


Most impressive player - Barrie McKay


I need awards for: Halkett, Kingsley, Boyce, Simms.


Maybe Simms wins the Ricardo Fuller Award for best loan signing.

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Gordon or Kingsley for me. Halkett has been key whenever he plays. McKay has been fantastic to watch and creates so much.


Tough choice, which says a lot about the side.

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John Findlay
1 minute ago, neilnunb said:




Voted for Gordon and Kingsley's goal v the Hibs 😁

Same for me.

Have to admit it was very close in my mind between Craig Gordon and Barrie MacKay. 

The goal of the season was a no brainer imho.

Everytime I watch it, it just gets better and better.

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Voted for our captain and Ellis's goal v Hibs, Kingsley's was fantastic, I just wanted to acknowledge the technique he showed, timing his approach to the pass and hitting a first time screamer 

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Gordon POTY


Kingsley goal v Hibs 👍

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Makes a very nice change compared to last season where we sort of "had" to choose someone 🤣


Also like how John Souttar has barely had a mention despite being in the SPFL's TOTS haha 🐍


The obvious choice is Craig Gordon. He's just been absolutely unbelievable. Inhuman almost. It's amazing to see 4-5 others who have also been outstanding though, and if Uncle Craig didn't get it for some reason then it would be difficult to choose between the others: Craig Halkett, Stephen Kingsley, Barrie McKay and Beni Baningime. They have just been outstanding. Barely put a foot wrong all season and in the case of Halkett and Kingsley, have been absolutely invaluable.


Special mention for Andy Halliday too, who has just been a great asset to have in the team. He really can play anywhere and will just get his head down and get on with it. He's done very well to ignore some of the negativity and to get on with it, and I for one was absolutely delighted when he took that amount of flack from the Hibs support and proceeded to get it right up them and rattle in two goals to win the match. 


And another special mention for our manager and his backroom - everyone is doing a fantastic job and I cannot wait to see what they can do with the carrot of European football and some extra money in their arsenal. 


Proud to be a Jambo!!! ❤️


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A_A wehatethehibs

For me it’s simms. Just love that from a striker. That’s why they call you a striker. Get yer laces through it, bang. Boys been watching Alan Shearer videos 

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Bazzas right boot



Messi wishes he was him. 


Gordon has been Gordon and has a case, but you don't watch football for saves or defending. You watch it for guys like Mckay to make defenders look stupid and glide across the park like a  tattooed footballing maroon angel. 









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bobby bombscare

for me gordon should win POTY for the club comp and the SFA comp! 

Kingsley for best goal for the club but in all honesty, i think the league one deserves to go to the boy from st mirren for that goal he scored against us.. but voted for Bazzas goal in that one cos he's one of us! 

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