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Led Tasso

Was just coming here to post the off article. Almost too close to the reality to be funny.

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Interesting to see the change in tone now that the TheRangers game is out of the way.

There seems to be a change away from unsettling our players with spurious links to OF transfers to having "pundits" falling over themselves to tell us we cannot win the league, even with 10 million, or 25 million, expect a full blown rant about how Newcastles £200million warchest wouldn't even get us a Europa place 

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You know what would help kill these stories?

If the week before we play one of the two scum @$$ cheeks, our own players stopped bigging them up. Last week, and I don’t remember who it was said “it’ll be tough through there, they’re a brilliant team”

**** you, they’re not a brilliant team. They haven’t been close to brilliant for many years. I hate that kind of chat. 

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