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When will we find out capacity?


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Awbdy Oot
2 hours ago, Jambo_Gaz said:

I know why Aberdeen did it but I don't agree with the reasons why they had to do it.  


You're told outdoors is safe yet when it comes to an open air stadium its now not safe despite most folk being vaccinated. When is it ever safe then?


Can't remember being told that outdoors was safe, safer than indoors but not completely safe.

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3 hours ago, iwasthere1954 said:

You were allowed to enter the ballot as a group. My wife and myself applied and got two tickets for today. It was clearly stated you could apply foŕ up to four tickets per group.

That's not what I'm saying... You can apply as a group, yes. But we still aren't meant to sit together. Meant to keep the two empty seats between us, whether family etc or not. That's what Aberdeen and Hobos have done differently. 


Odd layout today. Looks like we had a pattern ready for the 5/6000 and have stuck with it with the 3000. Layer of around 8/10 empty rows at top all around the stadium. 

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11 hours ago, Saint Jambo said:


Some of the steps Aberdeen have implemented aren't in any guidance e.g. requiring proof of a negative test. Celtic had 18.5k at Celtic Park yesterday with testing merely being recommended and no checks in place. The process is that event organisers submit their proposals to the local authority for how they will organise their event in a way that reduces risk.


That said, Aberdeen are clearly being more succesful that Hearts in getting approval for larger numbers.

Maybe the councils are applying different factors into their decisions.

we had to apply to the local council, which we did. 8200 was applied for and clearly rejected, hence we entered discussions to reach a compromise.


It was a trial and I’d hope as successful, we can be more successful for the next application for home games

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