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New Third Kit Incoming

August Landmesser

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1 hour ago, tian447 said:


It's quite clearly a different shirt, even if it is 100% polyester (which looking at previous Umbro shirts, seems to be the case).


For one, the neck is different in the Sports Direct bargain basement link you've posted.  The sleeves don't have any design to them, the stripe pattern is different (the Hearts version has less fabric overlap, the "fit" of the shirt looks different, and there is obviously no Hearts branding or sublimated design on the basic one.

However, all football shirts are overpriced and that is just the way it is.  You think those "pro" versions of the English team's shirts are anywhere near worth £100?  Go and buy any current season shirt from any team and it will cost you the same.


Bashing Hearts in particular for having an overpriced shirt is just yet another low-effort trolling attempt because some people seem to have nothing better to do than criticise every single thing the club does.   Also, the URL you posted was clearly the result of a Google search, for something along the line of Umbro Blue and Black shirt, mainly because the actual URL of the item is https://www.mandmdirect.com/01/details/UM2074/Umbro-Mens-Capital-Stripe-Short-Sleeve-Match-Jersey-Dazzling-Blue-Black, and your URL was full of redirects and campaign data which makes me suspect you just Googled it yourself looking for bites.

You are miles off the mark with this mate, as I said I was SENT it by my Hibs mate so calm yourself down! I'm not trolling anybody, was coming more from the angle of Umbro taking the p**s as it doesn't look to me like too much thought has went into the actual design of it given they pretty much already sell it on the cheap!


Impressed with your no nonsense approach to analysing the URL and forming a somewhat bizarre conclusion!


Have a nice weekend FFS!

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Angel eyes
7 hours ago, Forever Hearts said:

Arsenal are charging £100 for their home top. Bloody obscene.  

No wonder the cheap fake options are taking a trick.

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6 hours ago, The Duke said:


First time I saw it I had the same thought but It's not the same at all. 


Obviously a plain blue and black striped kit can only be so creative? But ours is completely bespoke. We have sublimated graphic detailing of Tynecastle  within the black stripes. 


Oh and for what it's worth the sleeves have a totally different trim too.

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