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French Open Tennis and Naomi Osaka

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5 minutes ago, Maroon Sailor said:

Rafa's first semi final defeat at Roland Garros


1st defeat after winning 1st set

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4 minutes ago, Victorian said:

Decent knock up that.  Maybe they could hit it a bit harder though.  Put some heart into it like.



Surprised their arms don't fly off at some points.

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I P Knightley
1 hour ago, redjambo said:

Nice to see Djokovic giving his post-match on court spiel in French. :)

He pretty much does nothing wrong yet he still can't break into the media and supporter love in do the other two. 


I now hope he goes on to win this one, take Wimblers and the US open; sneak another ATP tour finals and then pick up the Aussie. The supporters still wouldn't love him but he could get a big middle finger design on his racquet strings and t-shirt. 

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7 hours ago, neilnunb said:



20-20 and he's still a few years left. Confident Nadal will be the greatest ever. 


Novak will one day be brought to the Hague for war crimes. Well he does look like one anyway. 

He was good in this, tho. 👍


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