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Grand National Festival

Nucky Thompson

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Congratulations Rachel - history made 


you will always remember the day Hearts won the championship the first woman won the National 

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The Long Mile put down after the race. 


Why exactly does this need to be a jumps race, putting horses and jockeys at absolutely needless risk just so some rich owners can have a jolly, and people who never usually bet can throw away money on something they don't really understand?

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4 minutes ago, Sooperstar said:

This plus a couple of hundred back on some placed horses.


And a 280 football win too. Super Saturday.




Rinsed it.

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2 hours ago, Sooperstar said:

Certainly won't see me complaining. Going to chuck a wee tenner on Madrid for the Clasico.

It sounds wrong to say it but Hibs are worth a punt tomorrow. They normally have one result each season that gets them convinced they’re world beaters and a game against a Rangers team that have the title in their hands so might not have 100% motivation could be it. They’re currently 8/1 on Hills. 

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Francis Albert
12 hours ago, Spitonastranger said:

Another horse dies for human pleasure and gambling 😪

None of these horses would ever have had a life but for human pleasure and gambling.

However I do think 40 is too big a field over these jumps. 

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