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"If you don't do anything wrong, you don't have anything to fear"

Justin Z

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This one goes out to everyone who's ever posted something like the thread topic on this forum.


He was jailed for 41 days for having heroin. It was only detergent — and part of a wider scandal.


While Crull was locked away, a scandal was unfolding within the local sheriff’s office. Earlier this month, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder announced the agency had discovered O’Leary had made arrests based on substances he claimed field-tested positive as drugs. But later tests showed those substances actually were not illegal.


The deputy was fired from the department on Jan. 15. On Monday, the agency announced 11 people have been released from jail — including Crull. According to Snyder, detectives are now combing through the 80 drug arrests O’Leary made in his 11 months with the sheriff’s office.


Investigators began going through the dozens of drug arrests O’Leary made in close to a year on the job. According to Snyder, 120 substances identified as illegal by O’Leary have been resubmitted to the regional crime lab for follow-up testing.

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It's amazing it got this far. Surely the substances should be independently tested earlier in the process. Going back through arrests made close to a year ago indicates that the procedure is a mess.

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Absolutely nothing shocks me about the American legal system any more. From the bizarre bail set up, to the way interviews with suspects are are conducted, to the lack of checks and balances to prevent miscarriages of justice like this happening. That's obviously without mentioning the huge variations between states.


Not saying the Scottish legal system is by any means perfect but comparatively America is in the dark ages.

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A bit less serious and a wee bit funny, but back in the late fifties after the Royal visit we beat policemen used to get instructed to enforce the by-laws re buckets, (garbage cans) without lids. The fines helped cover the Royal visit expenses. Two of us in Niddrie Mains Terrace learned it was best to hide in the back stair and watch for the future bucket c riminal activity. We saw one guy with his old Castrol Oil can leave the stair to deposit the forbidden item. We moved too soon and ended up following the bucket carrying felon to Hay Avenue through the tunnel to Bingham Circle where he made his esc ape on to a bus complete with the criminal evidence of the lidless bucket.

 Something though more appropriate to the thread was one man went round stairs in Craigmillar and took names off doors, he then submitted summonses how he and his unnamed partner warned and charged all the offenders. Later when the summonses for Court appearances were attempted to be delivered, and a large percentage of the offenders had either moved from the relavant location or in a couple of cases had died before the offence was commited. There was some disciplinary action but not a lot. No one, group or organisation is free of those who would  usurp the rules. Especially if supervision is weak.

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