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⭐️JKB Christmas Cracker Prize & Charity Draw 2018 - Day 7 (15th Dec) draw late tonight, sometime after 9pm ⭐️


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Hi all,




We always do some charitable donations around this time of year but given that 2018 has been an especially busy time for Kickback with numerous challenging periods of technical change and upheaval, we decided to raid the piggy bank and do something a little extra special to also say thank you to our subscribed (paid) members for their patience and cooperation. None of the things we do would be possible without your continued support and we appreciate you all very much. :)


From 9th Dec we'll be doing 12 days of Christmas with 24 prizes and 24 charity donations. The prizes range from VIP stadium tours with Gary Locke and private dinner in the museum to Savile Rogue cashmere scarves, HMFC whisky, Archibald Leitch framed prints, club shop vouchers, hospitality tickets, heaps of other bits and bobs.....and there's even a Lego Bus. Not even sorry about that.  :biggrin:


The rules are simple:

- Each day we'll post a new thread (day 1, day 2 etc) and if you want to get involved you post to say so on that thread.

- Each night we'll do a draw and pick two winners - we'll not be using volunteers for this competition because 12 nights of that approach would drive everyone nuts so we'll be using an online random selection tool.

- Each winner picks a number (we'll tell you what numbers are available), and these numbers correspond to prizes. Winner will receive that prize.

- Each winner will also choose one of four charities to receive a 50 quid donation. At the end of the 12 days we'll tot up all the individual donations and send the total amount to each charity.

- If you win a prize, that's you, you won't be able to enter the draw on any other day. Let's spread the joy. ;) If you don't win, you can enter every single day. 

- If you win a prize and live outside the UK please let us know straight away, because we might need to swap your prize depending on what it is that you win. Your prizes will all be posted out as quickly as we can.

To enter you must be a subscribed (paid) member. If you aren't a subscribed member but would like to be one, you can sign up at this link here: https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/store/category/1-subscriptions/


The four selected charities for this year are: Big HeartsSAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health), Social Bite and Vintage Vibes. Please click on the links to learn more about their important work.


So, by now you know the drill..... let's get on with it. If you'd like to be entered in the draw for DAY 7, pop your name below! Good luck.


Congratulations to last night’s winners @Normthebarman and @iantjambo!




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But enough about Livi last night...


Count me in for the draw please. 

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