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we have moaned constantly about the changing team selection over the past two seasons and we were all overjoyed when frail was given sole charge which i think we all agree he has.


i am of the opinion frail is still tactically naive and not ready to take on the job of manager at hearts although i feel he will be there for sometime.


we now have what is a settled side apart from the slight changes in the wide positions due to injuries. with kingston away at ANC and bruno still recovering i cannot think of any changes i could have made to our starting 11 of late as apart from throwing in untried youths or playing pospisil before he left our best available 11 have played.


i keep hearing we have a great squad and the media even say we have a strong squad. i think our squad is full of crap and so is our first 11. with the exception of 11-12 players in our current first team squad i don't think any of them will take us further and cannot see our better players staying long unless new faces of decent quality come in.


vlad had the chance to go for hart, mcdonald and robson in the past and has not done it. i used to be optimistic and think we had some really good players but after watching nearly every game this season i do not think Jose Mourinho could get results with this lot.


vlad clear them out and produce your chequebook and get us some real quality. two or three more of ruben or kingston quality would do me for now otherwise i will get used to being a bottom six club playing in front of 8,000 people in a 23,000 seater stadium.


rant over

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