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FAO Players/Coaches/Owners/Physio's


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Nelly Terraces
Do one


Other than larry, driver,and ruben you can all feck off


You have all played a part in destroying this club


The jokes over :mad:


Totally agree. me and the lads said, there is only 2 players that played tonight you would keep, Ruben and Velicka (desoite his miss, the amount of chances this bloke gets, his record is pretty good). The rest can GTF.


As for the backroom staff? Just leave, please, you are killing this club and have killed every hope I have of seeing it ever succeed. Can I just add a special mention for the wage thief Frail. He is a crook and a clown in equal measure, a 'coach'? I wouldn't trust that clown to coach a group on 10 year olds.


Cheers anyway.;)

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