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Last time we went out to Motherwell.....


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in the first round of the cup, an extremely worrying relegation battle followed.

Coincidence? I don't now, I'm extremely superstitous when it comes to these sort of thingsthings and I have a really bad feeling about the way this season is panning out.


The only thing that saved us was the signing of an ex-hibby from Celtic, namely Darren Jackson.


I say let us sign another ex-hibby from Celtic, someone that can open up stubborn defences and get us a goal when we most need it.


Ex-hibby or not, rat boy or not, Rudi skacel song or not, I want him signed.


We are sleep walking towards far too risky a situation to get choosey.

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Are you seriously proposing we sign Rearend? If your superstition tells you we need an ex-Hobo from Celtic I'd take Paul Hartley back in a heartbeat.

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Mystic Gregorski that's me. The crystal ball doesnae lie!!


Get the wee rat signed up!!


Seriously though, I would take him in a heart beat.

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