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Kenny Deuchar


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Ok we need 1 cf, a lb,rb and a cb .


Who do you think as actual targets?



no we need a cf a lb and a rb. we have a brilliant centre back partnership now ... and ibby tall should be playing right back at the moment so we should splash the cash on a cf and a lb

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For Deuchar see Wyness. Goals for a little club does not equal goals for Heart of Midlothian FC.[/quote


Henry was sacked by Juve' date= did well at gunners not so well at Barca[/quote]


Wasn't Henry signed by Arsenal for ten million?!

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Look at our league position and ask yourself if we can be conceited enough not to be considered a little club at the moment. At least Gretna have a manager.


Yes, and if we want to stay in this league position signing players(who up until a few weeks ago couldn't get a game) from the team's below us is the way to go about it.

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Hes scored 2 SPL goals


So has Nade


The only difference is 5 stone and 5k a week


Id still not want either:rolleyes:


sure he only returned to gretna in january

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