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  2. oh ah grantona

    League cup draw - Aberdeen at Home

    Was Motherwell last season same round not just £10 to get in?? No reason to be going anymore than £15 a bumper crowd possible TV money and a gold mine of a semi final placing Betfred cup now pays more than Scottish cup
  3. Pans Jambo

    Songs you loved, but had no idea what they're about.

    Most stuff from Simple Minds. What the feck they oan aboot???
  4. Governor Tarkin

    Going Veggie

    The fact that we have to cook it so that it doesn't kill us proves that we're not properly evolved for eating meat.
  5. Nookie Bear

    Ann Budge

    Womens football isn’t a “cause”, it’s a business that needs paying punters in through the door. Why would anyone invest in a sport that people don’t feel they need to go and support? How will it grow if people aren’t funding it? Seems like regular supporters of the men’s game are happy for women it, but no way would they waste their cash on it.
  6. Seymour M Hersh

    Michael Stewart tonight

  7. Seymour M Hersh

    Michael Stewart tonight

    Perhaps I was mistaken but I definitely don't recall him claiming it was a pen. Craigan definitely saying it wasn't a pen so maybe I got mixed up with the similar sort of whine emanating from the two of them. However as a caveat I have only heard it once, live.
  8. kingantti1874

    League cup draw - Aberdeen at Home

    Don’t forget 91/92 😉 I think third is reasonable given the strength of the squad, 4th would be acceptable.. below 4th is failure
  9. steviefiveone

    *** jkb Strongbow Lounge tickets for Hamilton on 31/8 **

    Count me in
  10. kingantti1874

    Hearts Legends playing on Sunday

    Thanks mate
  11. AlimOzturk

    Going Veggie

    This argument that we aren't evolved to eat meat is utterly stupid. The mere fact that billions of humans eat meat on a daily basis clearly shows that we have evolved to eat meat.
  12. Prof

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    What exactly did Lennon say to Ms Dumpster that led to him leaving.
  13. Herbert

    Ryotaro Meshino - Work Permit granted

    Hope he has the hobbits heading for Aokigahara when we head down there next month.
  14. Blacky87

    Liverpool playing real football

    Comparing us to a League where Bournemouth still made a profit of £23,000,000 without even taking in money from the fans; tickets, shirt sales, other merchandise etc etc. tbh, I'm not a fan of Liverpool or English football for that matter. I'd rather watch my beloved Linlithgow Rose than Man City vs Arsenal. lol!
  15. droid

    Ryotaro Meshino - Work Permit granted

    When he does eventually arrive, I’ll be massively disappointed if our social media team don’t go full anime with his announcement.
  16. Mr Elwood P

    League cup draw - Aberdeen at Home

    Do you know how daft you look demanding 3rd place as a minimum, when we’ve finished above 3rd only once in the last 30 years? That included a period when Romanov pumped over £50m into the squad. Meanwhile back on planet earth, 3rd place and a trip or two to Hampden would be a brilliant season for us!
  17. sadj

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    Was this their we have 20000 guests thing yesterday? Anything exciting going on? Summed up like that....😮
  18. jonnothejambo

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    It looks like the arse end of a shithole even in pencil.
  19. Smith's right boot

    League cup draw - Aberdeen at Home

    We all want that, but it's very difficult to achieve it. This " I do not accept" and "anything less is failure" talk is just ranting, ala Donald Trump. It has very little substance behind it. Aberdeen have been above us for the past 8/9 years, we have no divine right to be above them. I think we can be, and actually think we will be 3rd this season but this talk of "average league", and stuff like "I do not accept" is just wind, piss and farts . Aberdeen will think they can be third as well and they will think they can put us out the cup, just Like I would think the same. The dismissing of the opposition on here is fundamental to folk getting frustrated and over excited when we do drop points, it's also alarming and looking at our league positions and trophy count it has no foundation or merit. Being older, you should really have a better grip on reality while wanting and hoping for more.
  20. AlimOzturk

    Conor Mcgregor

    Luke Keeler will never be anything more than a domestic level middleweight however he will absolutely smash McGregor and his Karate stance to bits.

    Edinburgh History

    I think it's called St. Bernard's Bridge
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