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  2. frankblack

    Going Veggie

    This thread does seem to have gone way off topic in terms of discussing vegan and vegetarianism and advising those considering it. Maybe a separate thread for discussing whether we are evolved for eating meat would be better?
  3. AlphonseCapone

    Going Veggie

    So is the Ketosis diet the latest fad or is it backed up by some science? I find cutting carbohydrates out quite difficult as I eat a lot of pasta and rice.
  4. Ray Gin

    Going Veggie

    We can eat raw meat fine if it is totally fresh, although as omnivores it is easier for us to digest cooked meats. The problem is we don't hunt our own animals and eat them on the spot. Storing, processing and packaging allows harmful bacteria to contaminate the meat.
  5. Jambof3tornado

    Ryotaro Meshino - Work Permit granted

    Hope he settles. Is there any kind of Japanese community in Edinburgh?
  6. Governor Tarkin


    He's my mate's step-dad. Big softie. Lovely fella. The younger brother must browse Kickback as I've seen some of the pish from here pitch up on his facebook. Mostly ribbing the vermin type stuff. He's a good lad too.
  7. If only there was someone on this forum who could tell you...
  8. JyTees

    Walker ( broken leg ) and Naismith

    We were. We played some really good football in the first half and should've been out of sight. Cos is all over the place on this thread. His first comment was poor and the rest haven't improved to be honest. Some people are pretty blinkered with Jamie unfortunately.
  9. Stephen Muddie

    Ann Budge

    Not sure what he's been saying as I've blocked him. The only ignored member on my dashboard, yet by far not the most annoying kb poster. I came to the conclusion ages ago that validating the irish shayne.snoreson wasn't going to be good for my life, especially considering the fact he doesn't have one himself. Glad he's still bazooka-ing the board daily with his several thousand posts of pish, though.
  10. I agree but, regardless of that, I loved their music!
  11. Seymour M Hersh

    Michael Stewart tonight

    My response to Taffin covers this Gambo.
  12. Governor Tarkin

    Going Veggie

    I like my steaks very rare, but I can guarantee you that if we abolished cooking meat tomorrow there'd be a lot less humans around this time next year. We're not optimised for it. Anyway, I don't want this thread to go the way of every other thread we've ever had discussing the relative merits of veggie/veganism, so I'll but out now.
  13. Gambo

    Michael Stewart tonight

    He said it was more of a pen than the first one given.
  14. Dannie Boy

    Songs you loved, but had no idea what they're about.

    Steely Dan. (This by the Dukes of September) Kid Charlemagne love the song, only recently realised its about LSD. Thankfully never ever taken drugs unless you include alcohol πŸ€ͺ Steely Dan by the way are a fantastic band. RIP Walter Becker.
  15. Smithee

    Brexit Negotiations

    In what way are those calamitous and dictatorial actions taken by the eu? As far as I can tell your examples are irrelevant to what you said
  16. Governor Tarkin

    Going Veggie

    Of course there's always the odd exception to every rule. Like not all Swiss cheese is full of holes.
  17. Morgan


    He’s a good lad, is Keith.
  18. To Be Frank


    Original, traditional. Potato, potato.
  19. Big Slim Stylee

    Oh to be a Hibs fan

    Can I get your log-in info? The suspense is killing me. πŸ˜€
  20. Cade

    Going Veggie

    Sashimi, tartare, carpaccio and many other dishes feature raw meat or fish. Besides those, very rare meat is a very common food for many people.
  21. Stephen Muddie

    League cup draw - Aberdeen at Home

    Astonishing... I wish we weren't part of UK solely cause of how trends affect all UK. Except, this bucks that trend and tbh I'm happy the LC is fairly important here. Only way Scottish football will properly thrive is if we ignore everything the channel sponsors daan sawf are doing. They don't need match attending supporters. We do
  22. jambostuart


    Took me to Hearts games with his daughters when I was a kid. His and Neil's dad was good friends with my mum and the reason I am a Hearts fan when all my dad's family are Hibs
  23. Forever Hearts


    Ah, the old personal insults. So original as well. πŸ™„
  24. Governor Tarkin

    Going Veggie

    There's merit in that argument, but we still need to cook it first. Keto is a slightly less extreme version of the atkins diet re-packaged.
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