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New Feature !! BLOGS !

Guest GhostHunter

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Guest GhostHunter

New Feature added...


Kickback's very own BLOG system !


In the navbar (that bit in maroon at the top) is an option called Blogs.


Every Subscribed member has the ability to post their very own Blog for the greater membership as a whole to enjoy (or not, as the case may be)...


Blog entries are moderated as per the rest of the site, which means, Board Rules Apply in ALL circumstances !


Registered Users can read all blogs but cannot post comments.


Blogs can be found by clicking on the blog link at the top, or, if you see in a post (on the left under the username/avatar) "Blog Entries" - click on the number/profile, and that will take you to that user's Blog Entries.


I'm hoping members may make regular use of this - it's always interesting to read what others think about Hearts, Football, or indeed, life in general.





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