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15 hours ago, luckydug said:

For me it's more about building a strong team. 

We won't get that much for sick note


Teams won't spend millions on a guy that's out injured more often than not. 

My priority would be finding a replacement for Soutar whether he stays or not. 


I agree but see below.


We really could do with a natural left sided centre back rather than playing Kingsley there. I don't think we will still have Cochrane next season so would prefer to see Kingsley in the LWB position.

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6 hours ago, jambo89 said:



Smith for me is still a class act. I understand reservations about fitness due to his age, but he's always struck me as super professional and someone who keeps himself in good shape.


Still don't think we've seen the best of Halkett, but depending how well he does this season, another 2 year deal wouldn't kill us.

I get that and it’s why I said I hope we are in the position where they are backups because that means we have recruited even better.


In the same way I’m glad Haring isn’t first choice, not because I dislike him in anyway but because we’ve brought in better!

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In savage we must trust. 

If we are to be competitive at the level us as fans expect us to be (group stages of europa league) constant top 6 (2nd or 3rd) and the latter stages of both cups every season then we need the squad to match it. 

Along with the young tallent pushing through to compete for places in the first team. 


A lot has to change in Scottish football first for this to become a reality. 

That's for a different topic. 


We need another goalkeeper

A center half

Right sided defensive attacking player 

A versatile winger who can operative either wing. 

And a carbon copy of John Robertson up front. 


Not that far off a good settles assembled squad that can match this ambition in my honest opinion. 


The players are out there. Its finding them! 

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22 hours ago, Pans Jambo said:

Yeah bloody typical!!!


Win the bloody league then almost our entire team leaves for heehaw at the end of the season!

We'll need better for the Champions League 

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Pans Jambo
1 hour ago, FarmerTweedy said:

We'll need better for the Champions League 

Troo dat

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I'm surprised there are mixed views on Halkett, he has been excellent this season and looks in great shape.


I reckon both him and Souttar will be away though, Savage mentioned in a recent interview that signing a new centre back was a priority as they were both out of contract - I doubt he would have said this if initial discussions had been positive.


We could be struggling next summer as the season starts earlier due to the WC and we will hopefully have European games to play.  Souttar, Halkett, Cocherane and Moore would be really tough to replace, particularly with the time it usually takes us to get signings done.

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