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Denmark v Scotland WC Qual 1972


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14 hours ago, jonnothejambo said:


Great (ancient) minds think alike, John 😉

I'd have taken that out the air and never allow a ball to go thro my legs either. And why do Keepers never catch a ball these days. 

Great big Keeper is Craig, but he should have stopped both goals. But as I've said before, Tierney is the most overrated player, I've ever seen, utter shite at defending.

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7 hours ago, DS98 said:

Fair enough. I’ll tell the guy who’s a professional goalie with about 400 top flight appearances that he’s wrong and wee John Findlay from kickback is right. 👍

Who's yer mate with 400 appearances, Dracula?

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16 hours ago, ToqueJambo said:


One of many ludicrous decisions by Clarke. He's shit. He finally found a way to make Robertson and Tierney play in the same team and then completely messes with it.


We had an excellent goalie for the Euros in Gordon and he played a Derby County reserve for sentimental reasons.


He didn't consider Gilmour good enough to play him against the Czechs in a winnable game when he would have been very useful to help us have more possession, but did consider him good enough to play in a huge derby.


We make a big fuss of getting Adams for Scotland and need a striker, and he doesn't play him in the Euros from the start.


We've had a RB problem for ages but he sticks with ODonnell - barely a Scottish Premiership level player - and doesn't involve Hickey or other players who could play RB, so we have no-one who can step in and he plays Robertson there.


He's happy to promote multiple uncapped Killie players the minute he gets the Scotland job but ignores an impressive St J side.


We have lots of decent midfielders but he's yet to come up with a formation to get the best from them, instead setting up the entire team around fitting in two players only - Robertson and Tierney.

This hits the nail on the head. Also add, totally ignored Ryan Gauld who had the season of his life in Portugal's top league.


Was not impressed at all with Clarke pre Euros and in fairness he got us there via penalties but his record and style of play is honking.


In my opinion the youth set up and progression is gruesome here (not his fault) but alot of Scandinavian teams are way ahead of us in their development (with similar populations). 

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Ex member of the SaS

Never thought Clark would do anything with the National squad and was amazed they did so well in the Euro's. Still have no faith he will do anything more.

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On 01/09/2021 at 22:07, Spellczech said:

Yeah but he did have Fraser, and as the second half showed, THAT was the right thing to do...basically Clarke killed us at both the back and up front with the ludicrous decision to ask Robertson to try playing on the right. At international level you just don't do that...To me this was a more suicidal selection than Craig Levein's 4-6-0...At least Levein's selection almost got the draw. Tonight we were done within 15 mins...


I agree 100%.


Inept set up in first half.  McKenna at left back, which it looked like more than left of three, was a joke.



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18 hours ago, Mikey1874 said:

Wins for Brazil and Argentina overnight. 




Mon Paraguay.

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John Findlay
27 minutes ago, Mikey1874 said:

"Must win" is back!

Hope he scores a hat trick

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Alec Eiffel

Scotland has a decent, not great, squad.  Still not scoring goals and weak in defence.  Clark is maybe too loyal to substandard players.


Should beat Moldova but you never know.

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