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FOH Accounts and AGM


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4 hours ago, JamboAl said:

I didn't know that Iain but wonder if it's because FoH arose out of extreme financial difficulties that we have sub connsciously become obsessed with financial security to the exclusion of a balanced committee.


PS - I am not suggesting any of the current lot are unbalanced😄


Can't speak for the new guy but the other 2 don't appear to be Al. 😃

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Francis Albert

Questions for the AGM have to be in this week. I note that answers will only be published/reported if  the question/answer is deemed to be of general interest to members. This seems a bit odd as at a normal open AGM any member can ask a question and get an answer (subject to commercial/contractual restrictions). The questioner being interested enough to ask the question is enough to ensure some sort of public response however uninformative the answer may in practice be. Not sure why that should not be the case for this AGM.


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