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Hungarian Homophobe Hypocrisy


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One of the chief architects of Hungary's anti-LGBT stance and who bragged of re-writing the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman has been caught shimmying down the drainpipe as police raided a (covid rule-breaking) drug-fuelled gay orgy in a flat in Brussels.




Of course, the ruling party in Hungary is claiming that the drugs he was caught with were planted on him and the entire party was an elaborate sting carried out by various international opponents of Hungary for "reasons".


Why is it always the most virulently anti-gay politicians that are found hanging out the back of another man?

Causing untold thousands of people misery because they are projecting their own denial and self-repression on to others?


He's now resigned from the government.




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Is shouldn't laugh....but I did. :lol:


OP is right though. The most staunch anti gay folk are usually the ones who whack off watching gay porn.

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David Manzheley, the organiser of the party, told Belgian newspaper HLN that Szájer had come to the party as the plus-one of another guest.
“I always invite a few friends to my parties, who in turn bring some friends along, and then we make it fun together.
We talk a bit, we drink something – just like in a cafe.
The only difference is that in the meantime we also have sex with each other,” he said.
He added that guests had been “completely naked” at the time of the raid.



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21 minutes ago, TheBigO said:

If only it had involved a hippo


A dead one...???!!!???




(Hungarian Homophobe Heaven-bound Hippo Hypocrisy?)

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