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Biffa Bacon

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How are these progressing?



To continue with the sales drive, my cunning plan is as follows.....

The ½ ticket currently includes the Dundee Utd game on 22 Dec but not the Hubs game on 3 Jan.

Some people will buy as Christmas presents, so for some reasons it might not suit as Dundee U game is before xmas.


My idea is to offer another similar ½ ticket not including the Dun U game, but including the Hubs game, at the same price. The Hubs game would be a higher Category so it would in effect offer a discount on the current ½ST price.

I realise that you can only sell up to the remaining tickets left for the Hibs game but this must still be in the 800+ region.

So to recap it would give fans an ideal xmas present and include the big game with the wee team.


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I do no think they go on sale until tomorrow. The Hibs game can not be offered due to the number of seats sold for it already, as you realise, so I do think it is a non starter.

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