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    JKB Collective Share Purchase

    In response to a number of queries, the JKB admin team is providing a method of collectively purchasing shares in HMFC, further to the recent announcement by the club. All members who want to purchase chares by this method should be aware of the terms and conditions that apply.



    Terms and Conditions governing the purchase of HMFC shares by Jambos Kickback.


    1. Members may donate any amount they wish through Paypal.


    2. All monies collected, less Paypal fees, will be used to purchase shares of HMFC


    3. The shares will be purchased by Jambos Kickback and will be held in the name of Jambos Kickback.


    4. The intent is for the purchased shares to be held in perpetuity. This means that they will not be sold, traded, or transferred by the current management team. However, in the event that the sale of the shares becomes necessary or advisable, any proceeds from the sale will be donated to a worthwhile Scottish charity or to a Hearts-related good cause, in keeping with our donation practice of recent years.


    5. Once the shares are purchased there can be no refunds to members.

    • 03/11/12
    • 17/12/12
    • 921 Donations

    £26,368.00 of £25,000.00

    JKB Raffle

    This is to buy tickets for the JKB Raffle - see the thread posted in the Terrace by Ulysses. A ticket costs a fiver. You can spend what you like - and you get one entry in the raffle for each ?5 you spend.

    • 10/11/12
    • 15/11/12
    • 262 Donations

    £3,705.00 of £3,500.00

    BigC's Laich Bar Quiz - 14 November 2012

    Use this option to pay entry fees for BigC's fundraising quiz in the Laich Bar on Wednesday, November 14th. See BigC's thread on the Terrace for details of entry fees.

    • 10/11/12
    • 14/11/12
    • 4 Donations

    £160.00 of £600.00

    The Even Bigger JKB Raffle

    Buy tickets for The Even Bigger JKB Raffle, with fantastic prizes kindly provided by JKB members. All in support of fundraising for the JKB collective share purchase initiative. Each fiver you contribute gets you a ticket in the draw, and sales close at 8 pm UK time on Sunday, December 2nd.

    • 21/11/12
    • 02/12/12
    • 365 Donations

    £6,051.31 of £6,000.00

    The Paulo Sergio Cardi Raffle

    ?5 a ticket, and you could win a cardigan donated by Paulo Sergio (as well as a signed photo). Each fiver gets you one ticket. Right now the cardi and pic are unframed as sent by the great man, but they will be framed before shipping to the winner.

    • 13/12/12
    • 17/12/12
    • 261 Donations

    £3,540.30 of £3,500.00
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