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  2. None of that matters only that his beloved cheating scum get another title. I personally am losing all interest in this league. It will never change. Who honestly cares about the old firm. They are a bunch of money grabbing assholes who only care about themselves and think they are the standard bearer for Scottish football. give me a break.
  3. As I see it too. Fibs will vote as per what their Tic parent club tells them to do.
  4. annushorribilis III

    'SPFL ( even more ) ready to declare Celtic champions and relegate Hearts'

    He missed this bit out ..."If only Celtic hating Covid victims would stop dying we could get the season restarted and allow Celtic their tilt at another treble".
  5. Just had a wee look. It looks like SevCo have / had a season ticket which would exclude the cheeks games, but you could pay additional to have the games included. Presumably this was to justify the increase for the away fans for those games. It was just a quick check though
  6. Can you email that to Doncaster please? Good post.
  7. Haken

    The what are you reading at the moment fred

    Think I set mine at 35, though it doesn't take account of the length of books. I don't think it gives you a row if you don't make the challenge.😂
  8. Here's me thinking it was people dying, that were the biggest losers. At least Sutton's got some perspective.
  9. Dirty Deeds

    Would you go back?

    Good contribution. Remind me, why are we cancelling the season and please tell me the correct way forward for the SPFL?
  10. Pasquale for King

    Would you go back?

    It’s not really the majority, they literally have hundreds of thousands of fans across the world. Even if ten thousand of their core support boycott away games there’s another ten thousand willing to go.
  11. Not on SPFL Board but their chairman is an SFA vice president and as we know the SFA and SPFL don't concoct things together. If that's what you were getting at.
  12. I’d happily vote for it if Hibs were bottom. It’s shameful if they relegate us though.
  13. RonnieG

    Would you go back?

    I will buy a ST and i will be back.
  14. 8.79 Thanks mate. Makes it sound even better. Otherwise your post is food for thought.
  15. Sorry if this has already been quoted but Jesus Christ can the old firm punditry next anymore biased or non relevant. Yes they are the team who misses out the most. let’s just forget about every other team. I sometimes agree with Sutton but the man a another typical Celtic asslicker.
  16. It would be 8.79 in a row as it stands. The chances of Celtic losing the title in the last 8 games would be very long. Not impossible, but highly improbable. If we cannot complete the season within an acceptable timeframe, I'd give Celtic the title, with an asterisk to denote that the season was curtailed early because of the Pandemic. There should also probably be laid out that the precedent going forward is that a minimum of 57% of games in a 12 team league (22 games, played (1 home and 1 away)) to determining final league positions, otherwise the season would be null and void. I'd also agree to a league reconstruction for 1 season to offset those not given the opportunity to resolve final league positions i.e. 14 team leage, 6/8 split after 26 games, 3 teams automatically relegated and 4th bottom to play 2nd top of the championship in a play off. Then revert to the 12 team league the following season.
  17. I'm sure there's a reason, but why were Celtic and Rangers able to start charging £50 to the away fans for their bigotfests? Can't remember which one did it first, but I don't think they charged the home end the same.
  18. Very true but I still prefer mine
  19. I wouldn't ultimately care, but I'd like to think if we were mid table with nothing to gain or lose we would vote against Celtic being handed the titles and a team like Partick being relegated.
  20. Regardless of motive, what Rangers are proposing is 100% correct
  21. Ending the season after 30 games is ****ing bullshit. If we were top of the league I wouldn't even want the league title after that number of games, would be a hollow championship and would forever have a * beside our name. It has to either be voided or played to a conclusion. We should refuse to vote as it is a total ****ing joke.
  22. The Old Tolbooth

    Coronavirus pandemic

    This is a proper leader, this is how it should be done, how it should have been done from the very outset, the Kiwi's are very lucky to have her in charge.
  23. XB52

    The fall of unionism.

    That must be the most ironic post on here ever. You complaining about people talking to themselves😃😃
  24. been here before

    Would you go back?

    🙆‍♂️ Yeeees... there it is. Every thread needs at least one virtue signaller to swing in by. How many times do you people need told you should eat, drink and sleep Covid 19 and not think about or discuss anything else at all?
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