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  2. Lennon hasn't got the brains to have thought that up. He had Lawell's hand up his arse when he said it. Feckin ventriloquist's dummy....
  3. I agree - i believe that the lower leagues have already agreed. Now it needs to SPL to agree. AB and others need to work hard to try and change the minds of a few.
  4. I actually don't care if it is unlikely or not; we HAVE to call bullshit on this in the courts. Anything else is a dereliction of duty.
  5. Just to be clear i think the vote is already passed. It is clear they know how the vote is going to go and have positioned it accordingly. The only escape is league reconstruction and i think that has absolutely no chance of flying based on the quotes being made by clubs. Happy to go at them for civil damages if we have a case but im inclined to think that is also now unlikely based on Doncasters comments and nothing from AB since the initial threat. I suspect lawyers have told her there is unlikely to be a positive outcome. Depressing shit.
  6. Victorian

    Diggers in trouble : crowdfunding

    A nonsense. If the business truly believes it will continue to be viable throughout and beyond the closure period then it can access a government backed loan.
  7. That’s censorship, we are supposed to be a democracy 😜.
  8. I’m being a bit tongue in cheek as I’m aware that prices are set . That said if they can change the rules to suit , it surely opens a can of worms for any future issues
  9. Just stirring, as usual. No one's ever deserved relegation after 30 games and we're not starting with Hearts.
  10. jambogaz1968

    Diggers in trouble : crowdfunding

    Correct , I have supported pubs for years by buying pints , Would they help me if i was struggling .
  11. DETTY29

    Coronavirus pandemic

    P Every govt and leader needs to state today that lockdown will continue, the next review period will be announced on... Then make it clear do not being going to beauty spots, beaches, parks and so on to mingle this weekend. You must keep moving. No street parties, stay within your own home boundaries apart from your 1 a day exercise. Don't wait for adverts, interupt tv, radio shows as they are in flow. Use every social media avenue and so on....
  12. Why can't you get it into your thick skull that we had plenty of games left to not finish bottom ? Who is to say we couldn't do it ? You and some other planks obviously. Looking for a refund as well. Utterly contemptible. Of course the season is over now, so we see what transpires.
  13. David McCaig

    New deals

    Would that not be squad dismantling rather than building!
  14. hughesie27

    Diggers in trouble : crowdfunding

    Never even set foot in it strangely.
  15. Scrapped. And no it wouldn't necessarily be those teams. 3rd and 4th play each other then the winner would play 2nd. Then the winner would play 11th.
  16. Ayr chariman saying he will back the end as is. So we would be relying on both Dundee and ICT along with Partick voting against it for the Championship to scupper it.
  17. What happens with the play off places? Currently it would be Hamilton v Inverness
  18. highlandjambo3

    When we're through this shit..

    I think (hope) we will all come out of this better people. More appreciative of what we have and people around us, better at shopping a bit more carefully, more respectful of others. I think social distancing and awareness of germs, cross contamination etc...will be with us forever, I’m ever the optimist however.........there will still be dregs of society we will need to tolerate. Hopefully the freeloaders (or some of them) will realise there is not a pot of free money they can have or a social magic wand to wave to help them.
  19. Its a bit of a stretch to say rules are being made up. It looks like they are looking to find a solution within the rules and propose options including league reconstruction to resolve any fallout. You could put forward a proposal to remove the criteria for away fans to be charge the same as home fans for broadly comparable seats though
  20. Victorian

    Coronavirus pandemic

    The Welsh government has already stated lockdown goes on. The other devolved governments are expected to follow. A pretty clear indication that they believe it's more important to send out the right message at the right time than to stick rigidly to the four nations collegiate policy. Everyone knows lockdown will continue. Easter weekend looming. Announce extension before or after Easter weekend? Shouldn't even be in doubt. What on earth do they expect to happen if they leave people to their own notions of lockdown at the very end of the 3 week period without a firm and coherent announcement?
  21. True, bar a few league games I only go to away games in the cup. This will become a rule for me if we are shafted by SPFL.
  22. wavydavy

    Coronavirus pandemic

    Did Rishi also expalin how most of the applicants for the loans he was so proud of are being rejected by the Banks that we bailed out not so long ago. Incidentally we have left the EU but you should remember this. The UK will continue to follow all of the EU's rules and its trading relationship will remain the same until 31 December 2020. So the Journalist is maybe not being as thick as you think.
  23. kingantti1874

    Would you go back?

    nope. Fight it tooth and nail to the bitter end. Yes we deserve to be where we are right now but the reality is we haven’t played the season to a finish and we haven’t played equal fixtures.. I’ll never spend another penny in the ground of a club voting to demote hearts..
  24. ramrod

    War of Two Halves - Saturday 11/4/20

    Great to hear 👍🏻
  25. Good effort, but I don't believe that would be allowed unless you made the whole stand the same price.
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