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On 28/09/2021 at 02:54, Hearts1975 said:

There must be something in the air that is suggestive that managers can be at clubs and have good and bad times without necessarily being a shite or good manager 


DS in League 1 season in England in 2018/2019 played 46 matches in the league. Lost 7, drew 13 and won 26 


What I can’t get my head around is that they lost 39 goals, over 46 games - less than a goal a game. Best defence in the league and this was a team he inherited 


This probably re emphasises the difficulties and negative results with Daniel playing Pereira as to lose less than a goal a game over 46 games suggests that the keeper and defence were on top form - but he was still gegenpressing down there 🤷‍♂️


Look at what happened with RN at MK Dons, over the full season, and yet look at how he has us playing now, riding high at the summit, chasing down the Orcs inclusive of the talented and hungry squad that he has built. 

It’s all went horribly pearshaped for DS since he left us. It doesn’t give me any pleasure at all seeing what has happened to him.    

I guess sometimes with managers it’s not a case of them just either being good or shite and more a case of them at different points in their career where they make good decisions and bad decisions and also how club circumstances, at the particular time, influence their decisions - good and bad. 

Hope he comes back and gets himself another gig soon although this is going to make it really difficult for him to probably get the gig he wants.

He was a good guy - most definitely wanted the best for us and gave up his wage to try and help the club when times were bleak. He loved the passion from the stands and as much as there were bad times I’ll remember the good times - especially fester road. Absolutely rag dolled the mutants that particular evening. 


Very good post.


The problem for any head coach that has even one bad spell at a club, is that their stock/ reputation can be so badly damaged that they are then in a position where they can't be selective about their next job and indeed may not get another offer at all.


The really bad spell that John Hughes had at Raith, arguably put him out of the game for years for example, despite him having a reasonable track record in the Scottish game.

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On 23/09/2021 at 17:20, gorgieheart said:

wrong man, wrong job...should never have been anywhere near Hearts...


Not quite sure what kind of Diamond he was supposed to be , but was more cubic zirconia

Strongly agree. Nothing against the guy but only had one style of play. You can get away with it in the English leagues to an extent as you only play each opponent twice, up here playing 3 or 4 times a season they would have figured him out faster even if it did work. Would also love to know if it was his decision to stick with Pereira for so long or whether he had to play if fit under the terms of the loan.

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Bazzas right boot
1 hour ago, The Old Tolbooth said:


Excellent post that, I genuinely don't get people sticking the boot into the guy and wishing the worst for him, he was a damn good egg who came to us at an impossible time and I for one felt really sorry for him (or anyone thrust into that role at that time tbh). Nancy are also in a shambolic state and no one going in there will turn that round any time soon either, I wish him nothing but the best for his managerial future. 



Folk have been sticking the boot In to Bob for years. 


I agree with your sentment, I liked Stendel, but the hypocrisy of folk defending him when our own have been getting it tight  on here is not lost. 



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