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SPFL Fixtures announced next Tuesday


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I would like the first game to be against Hibs at Tynecastle. 


Having said that I doubt we will have crowds back by then in serious numbers so anyone else at home wouldn't bother me.

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The Treasurer
39 minutes ago, Cruyff said:

Doesn't matter which way round we play each other, we have to play everyone anyway. 

Normally I would agree, but the way things are just now, I'd rather play at places like darkhead or ibroke when they are empty. 

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2 hours ago, martoon said:


Unquantifiable fantasy is how they roll game, SG.


It's all they have.

They will win the next Derby.  It's like tomorrow never comes 🤣

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On 11/06/2021 at 11:26, 5-1Jambo said:

Fixtures announced next Tuesday. Guessing we will be given a tough start for having the audacity to stand up to the SFA/SPFL. 

Guessing first 4 fixtures:

Celtic away

Aberdeen at home

Hibs away

Rangers at home. 


So you think they'll give us a couple of nice easy games for fixtures 2 and 3 then?

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