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Player of the Year Nominees-2020/21 Season?


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Bunny Munro

Gordon, then Boyce, then Irving.

4th nomination could be Walker. 


After that it's probably Gino ffs.

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King Of The Cat Cafe

Probably would not have got to the cup final without Gordon.  

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Ex member of the SaS

I would suggest the short list would look something like: Gordon, Gordon, Big Craigy G, a.n. other.

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I’d give it to Gordon firstly because he’s been the best player and secondly, because he’s openly calling out how shite we are under Robbie. PHM.

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I'd withhold it as a form of protest. Genuinely worried we will be watching the same ***** next season, only against tougher opposition. Might make the club realise how disenchanted many fans feel and would certainly get a lot of publicity.

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On 21/03/2021 at 12:50, Smith's right boot said:


Bare minimum... Plus 27 gd. 

We have a better gd than the rest of the league combined... 




What has that got to do with my post :lol:

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On 01/03/2021 at 21:04, DETTY29 said:

Craig Gordon.


At a push Boyce.


'at a push'?  That's a bit mean.


I agree it is between these two.


Honourable, but inconsistent, mentions to irving, Smith, Walker


Consistently gets pass marks, Kingsley


Plus marks, but not enough games, for Gnandouillet, Ginnelly 


The 'better than you think he looks' award to GMS (who will be POTY next season)


Enigmas of the year shared by our central defenders, who often resemble bomb-scares but have conceded few goals.


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