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This is My Story Podcast
40 minutes ago, OldGorgie said:

Absolute nonsense. We saw off Hibs, destroyed Dundee and yes we had bad night on Friday but to compare that with five years ago is fanciful.

My point about the championship being harder 5 years ago is fact, it’s as simple as that. Rangers, Hibs and a good Falkirk side that ran Hibs and Rangers close. Friday was a bad night and you are correct that we saw off hibs but we haven’t been convincing since Dundee and performances haven’t been to a standard that I think even Robbie would agree with. Not sure what’s nonsense about it. 

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This is My Story Podcast
3 minutes ago, And he’s not praying! said:

If this is the kind of ill informed, arrogant shite that’s on your podcast I’ll be staying well clear. 👍🏻



To be honest we spout even worse than I posted 😂

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On 21/11/2020 at 17:21, BigAlim said:

6 pages after one defeat and 9 victories :rofl:

It might look over the top but you must understand that we are playing badly. Our passing is not good enough, we’re not making enough chances, our defence tends to panic at times, the build up from keeper to attack is slow and can’t handle a team that uses the press I could go on but I can see many things, in our present team that, that are either not happening or not working.

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I've not seen every game this season, but what I have seen is one inspiring display against dundee, and two inspiring results against Dundee and hibs .  On friday we were out fought which is unacceptable. As for the tactics?

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On 22/11/2020 at 12:47, frankblack said:




Those calling for his head should be careful what they wish for after the shitshow that happened after he left.


Agreed but I will have to revise my expectation levels following his post match comments that the undefeated run had to come to an end sometime. Apart from the semi final I was looking for us to take care of Cowdebeath,East Fife, Raith Arbroath et al . Don,t think it was unreasonable to have anticipated a pro-longed run but in hindsight recent form indicated we were due for a fall.

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Smith's right boot

This has the potential to outlast the CL mega thread. 


3/4 years until folk finally say- " see I told you he was shite, I knew from the start 4 years ago he was the wrong appointment". 



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