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***The Official Hearts v Ross County Match Thread***

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Paris 84
Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, wavydavy said:


I could see his point in starting White as Hickey was suspended and Burns is the only other option other than moving Smith.


Having said that though the guy was struggling for the last 15/20 iminutes. I saw him doing a bit of stretching on his calf and he took a couple of hefty challenges so he should have been replaced. When you consider he had only played 45 minutes of football before Saturday it was lot to expect. I don't even think we had anyone on the bench to come on for him.


Damour I could understand also as he would shore up our midfield and maybe give the players and the fans a bit of a lift and he probably took him off at the right time.


Naismith was one where I could see why he started the game but why he was playing in a wide left position I will never know tat was just plain stupid in my opinion.


Again he had just come back from a lengthy spell out without a proper pre season and he plays him in an area where he is expected to do too much running. No wonder he got a tight hamstring.


I think Mulraney should have been on from the start in the wide left area and Naismith in behind either Washington or Uche not both.


I’m not disputing any of the points you make. And if you look at each of them individually they are risks worth taking, with the caveat of not playing Naismith wide on the left.


However, when you’ve got three of them, one injury to another player and we were going to struggle going into the last half hour. Two injuries to players other than those three and we’d have been in all sorts of bother. 

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On 10/08/2019 at 18:21, frankblack said:


They looked an embarrassment tbh.  No one inside the ground would have heard them.



at least they wern't murmuring under their breath like lots of others. but they were a bit embassing


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