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4 hours ago, TypoonJambo said:

No way, half the population of the Weedge were concieved there. Where would they copulate if you built a big stadium smack bang in the middle of thier west coast love island? 



All the more reason to build a stadium there.


1 hour ago, Johnny Sandiego said:


Ive read this a couple of times when the Murrayfield vs Hampden debate comes up and never understood what it means.


What is it about Murrayfield that doesn't make it a football ground? 


For me the 2 key elements of enjoying a game of football in a bigger stadium is the view of the pitch when your either high up or low down and how close the stands are to the pitch behind the goals. Murrayfield wins both of those.


Additionally access to the ground, toilet facilities, catering, infrastructure and overall atmosphere are also better at Murrayfield. 


Murrayfield isn't a perfect football stadium as it was  (like Hampden) redeveloped over the years without ever being designed for a specific purpose, ie football. Any stadium which has a running track round it is a disaster when it comes to generating an atmosphere for  everybody. Granted, if you have a good seat at Hampden then it's a great viewing stadium and a great atmosphere, provided by approximately 20,000 people who can hardly see what's happening at the far end. 

Murrayfield would have been a much better stadium if some Blazer hadn't decided to put sprinting lanes across the front of the main stand.


3 hours ago, Smithee said:


They take a small amount of people into Glasgow central where they can catch an actual train. That line was built for commuting traffic not the numbers we're talking about, which is why you rarely hear people talk about the train from Mount Florida in their Hampden stories.


Stirling has private and public transport links for the majority of Scotland's population, what infrastructure is it missing that wouldn't be included in a national stadium build?


From the west end of Edinburgh you can be at SCP in about half an hour. From Glasgow airport in maybe 20 minutes. It's as central to most of the Scottish population as you get. Stirling is the kind of compromise that actually suits very few people.

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Johnny Sandiego
1 hour ago, dc-jambo said:


After AEK Athens and Celtic, I wish people would stop advocating Murrayfield as a football venue. It is absolutely useless for us, or for anyone else. The atmosphere and sense of occasion at Hampden for our last two finals (2012 and 2019) was far better than Murrayfield will ever be. 


I agree on AEK Athens as that wasn't a neutral venue, it was a Hearts home game which would have been far better at Tynecastle. 


The Celtic semi had the life sucked out of it atmosphere wise when Naismith went off early so its difficult to compare that directly with the Cup final as atmosphere/sense of occasion can be altered by what happens on the pitch.


In a general sense i can't figure out why Murrayfield would't be considered a "football venue" but Hampden would be. 


A country of our size don't need 2 national stadiums. By having 1 you can split overheads and future renevation costs.


For me its yet another missed oppprtunity by the SFA to save a bit of money, which could in turn be invested back into grass roots football, benefiting clubs and country for years to come.

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