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Burley Offered scotland Job - MERGED

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I could only support McGhee's appointment for purely selfish reasons - i.e wanting Motherwell to go back to being pish. Burley will be just grand!

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Don't think it is all that great an appointment, i feel he has only gone for it because his butt was half way out the door at Southampton. Would rather have McGhee as i feel he would be willing to put more hours into the job and would be more likely to play on form non OF SPL players, i feel with Burley we will see more mediocre Championship players with Scottish grannies.


Best of luck to him though.


I will go along with that.Saints have got the best of the deal.Compensation and G Hoddle in as manager.

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Perfect job for Burley..... game every few months, free tickets to premiership games... sorted.


Dont think he's right for it tho, He had the winning mentality at Hearts, great, Smith had it at Rangers, Mcleish had it at Rangers too, this carried over to scotland but Dod hasnt really had that at Southampton and when things have got tough he hasnt really got going.

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