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Dr. Bapswent

The 'Frail for manager' train picks up pace

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Romanov is ultimately responsible for where we are at present.


He had arranged a footballing structure which allowed him arms length control of the footballing side of the club


He had control over who was in the team. He had control over the timing and personnel involved re subs.


Players knew that some players were in the team on Vlads say so and not on merit


Players knew that they might play a blinder one week then be dropped the next.


Players knew that the discipline system in place was being ignored and flouted by some other players


A malaise set in because of the corrupt set up we had at the club. It was demotivating for all players who tried their hardest despite the conditions


The committee was a smoke screen which allowed Vlad to prevail in this respect


I cant actually believe that we are only a handful of games into someone other than Vlad being in charge and this all seems forgotten already.


I'll go with you in one respect - it is possible that Frail should, on seeing this shambles, should have walked away from it all.


But why should he be a martyr? Why should he walk into unemployment? I'm sure he feels close to a lot of players - why should he walk away when they cant?


We can agree or disagree about Frail until the cows come home but please do not forget the main reason we are having such a shocking season. It is pracitcally everything to do with Vlad and practically nothing to do with Frail.


Frail is more likely to save our season than Vlad lets put it that way


Absolutely correct .....I'm also sceptical of whether Vlad will let go the reigns in terms of team selection etc.....but being the poor deluded soul that I am, I occasionally think that Vlad will change his ways.....At the moment I think SF appears to have control of team selection (e.g. Chesney?) and tactics (although we may disagree with them ...that's footie) so maybe Vlad is conducting a wee experiment to see how the team does without his influence? Also I don't subscribe to the view that many have posted on this thread, that SF is too close to the squad to make difficult decisions...what he has done in 3 weeks is raise team morale (an important factor in any sport)....but he has to kick ass when needed or a quiet word in a shell like ear if he believes that'll be more productive (man management) :)

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Frail (with normal managerial authority) would be a HUGE improvement on what we've suffered for the last 2 years.


Can't understand why any Hearts fan would complain too much about it.

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