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Sergio Garcia

The Rangers soap opera goes on and on.

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Rupert Custard
On 16/04/2019 at 00:06, NANOJAMBO said:

Yeah I noticed him trotting out the Morton angle. 


I had a go at him about slagging off Naismith for one tackle (on Broony) when Broony had made a career out of crippling tackles inflicted every week about which he had said zilch.  He then banned  me and slagged me off on the website saying if you don't contribute you don't get to have a go - so i went back on and called him a liar saying I'd supported his poxy site since  he went AWOL to his bolt hole (which he knew full well) .  The guy is a liar and a fantasist. 

Yup. Comes across as a very mixed up guy. Until you realise that he is indeed a Celtic fan, a liar and a fantasist. Then it all makes sense.

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