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With Celtic out of the Champions league

26 August 2014 - 08:36 PM

Which people or parts of Scottish football will they blame for their poor performances?

I am betting they will blame the other clubs in the Premiership for not giving them the competition they need.

Team v Stenhousemuir

24 August 2014 - 01:49 AM

How does everyone reckon this will go, to me I can see Robbie going for a mix of first team and fringe players, so I can see it being:


L. Smith
Eckersley (if fit, if not on the bench)

D. Smith


Subs: Halliwell, McGhee, Holt, Nicholson, El Hassnaoui, Roy, McHattie (who would swap with Eckersley if he is not fit enough to start.)

competition for places

23 August 2014 - 09:48 PM

With Keattings and Oliver scoring today and Hamilton having another decent performance it made me think how good is that we have such competition in all positions.

So upfront we have Sow, Carrick, Keatings, Oliver with El Hassnaoui still to come into contention.

On the wings we have Nicholson, Walker, King and D. Smith,

Central midfield we have Gomis, Buaben, Holt and Robinson

Central defence there is Wilson, Ozturk, McGhee and McKay

Left back is McHattie and Eckersley

Right back is Paterson and either McGhee or L. Smith

And for goalkeepers we have Alexander, Gallacher, Hamilton (wont include Hollis in this.)

That is such depth in talent across the squad, the fact we won so convincingly and played so well with arguably 5 of our best XI missing. With competition players will be pushed to work hard at training to keep or gain positions. Well done to CL and Robbie for their sensible and well thought out recruitment.

No, please dont go...

22 August 2014 - 07:19 PM


The Independent saying Crystal Palace have Ally McCoist on their managerial short list (with Neil Lennon.) First of if true (that is a real article on the Independent's website) then that is mad from Palace, and if get him terrible news for us.

Livingston match - which players are avaliable?

19 August 2014 - 04:10 PM

Was trying to work out which team would be playing tomorrow but with it being the Petrofrac cup I am unsure on suspensions i.e. do the suspensions apply to this match.

So far we have Neil Alexander, Scott Gallacher, Dale Carrick and Calum Patterson out. If you include under 20 who may play, Robbie Brown (GK) is out as well.

We have Jack Hamilton who is cup tied.

We have Soufian El Hassnaoui coming back from injury so unlikely to feature, though has been training.

And we have Scott Robinson, Osman Sow and Jamie Walker all with suspensions but I dont know if these will apply to this match.

Does anyone know what is happening with the suspensions in relation to this match, as if all the above is true we could see a team of:


McGhee, Wilson, Ozturk, McHattie
King,      Buaben,    Gomis,    Nicholson

Subs: ?  , L. Smith  McKay, D. Smith, Oliver, Beith, McKirdy