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Has the Dumbarton game knocked Kickbacks enthusiasm?

Yesterday, 19:49

It has been quite quiet on Kickback this week, and not the positive threads about the football side of the club that have been in recent weeks. Did the fact that we slipped up against a team we all expected to beat comfortably knock the confidence and enthusiasm that is here on Kickback? If we win well on Saturday will it be back to normal?

How not to design a cycling kit for women.

13 September 2014 - 08:11 PM

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The cycling kit for Colombia

Robbie and his staff learning Spanish....

11 September 2014 - 10:50 PM


I know it has been mentioned on a few other threads, but I think its something discussing as it shows so much right with the club and Neilson.

In case people haven't read the article, Robbie Neilson and the other staff are going to learn Spanish (they are bringing in a Spanish teacher) so they can aid Pellardo to settle. To me that shows such a progressive approach it really excites me. For a number reasons,
1) it will aid Miguel Pellardo settle, moving to a new country is tough especially if you do speak the language, if your coaches are trying to speak your language (and some of your team mates) then it helps you settle. It shows Hearts as a more progressive clubs, clubs normally expect a player to quickly learn the clubs native language, ignoring the difficulty. But Hearts being more open to other languages can wear off on the club and making more welcoming of oversea players who might not normally come. It may even encourage the home grown players to learn a language opening up their options to move abroad (it was interesting to hear from Robbie that some of the younger players speak some Spanish.)

2 )  it helps develop the coaches, so part of coaching development learning new languages can aid you, have often read that Wenger can speak 6 languages and some signings speak of how it impressed them and played a part in them signing that he spoke to the player in the players native language. Also it opens their options of future employment.

3) It can build a stronger bond between players and coaches, if you come to a club and the manager and his staff are prepared to learn a new language to help you out you will feel closer and prepared to work harder for them.

All in all a very positive and exciting thing, and something which, in conjunction with other modern and progressive actions can make Hearts become a beacon of a club in Scottish (and even British) football.

With Celtic out of the Champions league

26 August 2014 - 08:36 PM

Which people or parts of Scottish football will they blame for their poor performances?

I am betting they will blame the other clubs in the Premiership for not giving them the competition they need.

Team v Stenhousemuir

24 August 2014 - 01:49 AM

How does everyone reckon this will go, to me I can see Robbie going for a mix of first team and fringe players, so I can see it being:


L. Smith
Eckersley (if fit, if not on the bench)

D. Smith


Subs: Halliwell, McGhee, Holt, Nicholson, El Hassnaoui, Roy, McHattie (who would swap with Eckersley if he is not fit enough to start.)