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Three U20s away on loan

10 October 2014 - 09:40 PM


Liam Henderson, Alistair Roy and Aaron Scott have all joined Preston Athletic on loan until January. Preston Athletic play in the Lowland league. The loan deal also means they can play under 20s games. So seems a good move to give them extra game time for 3 young players.

Well done to Hearts Ladies

05 October 2014 - 06:56 PM

Hearts ladies team today who won 2-0 to win them promotion to the top tier of Scottish women's football.

I know some will moan about womens football but always great to see a Hearts team pushing to be among the best in Scotland.

Third Party Ownership and Jorge Mendes

26 September 2014 - 10:25 PM

Third party ownership is getting talked about a lot at the moment. With FIFA and UEFA both trying to stop it (see link below.) Those who dont know what it means is that investment groups buy up a percentage of a players economic rights. So for example a club could sell 50% of the players registration to a company who pay £2m for that. Then if the player was sold a year later to another club for £10m, then the club gets £5m and the investment company gets £5m (if the buying club also buys the 50% belonging to the investment company.) This is the case with when Tevez and Mascherano came to West Ham.

Now those in favour of this argue it allows smaller clubs to compete, where they can sign a player for much less than their full price (so they could sign a £20m valued player who is owned 50% by a investment fund for £10m they would play to the player's club) and Atletico Madrid have used this a number of times before. Also if a club needs instant cash it can sell of some economic rights of their players.

But those against it say that its not transparent, investment groups dont have disclose shareholders so you could have people who are banned from football or you could create conflicts of interest, where players are sold to certain clubs just because the investors want their return now, investors could demand a player not play in games so as not to risk their investment and investment groups could have players on both sides of the game. There is also the issue that once an investment fund sells their stake in a player, that money goes out of football. And their is an ethical question, is this a bit like slavery, when a player is owned by a number of companies rather (and I know there are questions with clubs selling players.)

In England and France the practice is banned, it is rife in Portugal and Brazil (where 90% of players are owned partly by third parties, and even parents are given stakes of their son when the player signs with a club, which can lead to parents pushing for their son to move club not so he be best he can but so they can make money of their son.)

Add in Jorge Mendes, the superagent, whose brokered transfers for Di Maria, James Rodriguez, Diego Costa and Falcao this summer. According to the guardian between 2001 and 2010 he was responsible for 68% of the total financial transactions of player transfers between Porto, Sporting Lisbon and Benfica. He and Peter Kenyon also work with an investment fund that owns Third Party ownership but that is a conflict of interest as he is an agent to players who will be owned by this fund and as an agent he is meant to advise a player on moves which are in the best interest of the player, but if there is a move that is in best interest for the fund instead, he could be influencing a player to move purely on that.

To me it just doesn't sit right, and this muddys the water. What are other people's views on this?



Video on Jorge Mendes

Our current top appearance holders

26 September 2014 - 05:21 PM

I was thinking recently who has the most appearances for us now. So working it out I have the top 10 apperance holders (stats come from Wikipedia and include both league and cup competitons)

1) Scott Robinson - 111 appearances.

2) Callum Paterson - 72 appearances

3) Kevin McHattie - 69 appearances

4) Jamie Walker - 62 appearances

5) Jason Holt - 61 appearances

6) Danny Wilson - 60 appearances

7) Dale Carrick - 52 appearances

8) Billy King - 49 appearances

9) Sam Nicholson - 33 appearances

10) Gary Oliver - 15 appearances

Has the Dumbarton game knocked Kickbacks enthusiasm?

18 September 2014 - 07:49 PM

It has been quite quiet on Kickback this week, and not the positive threads about the football side of the club that have been in recent weeks. Did the fact that we slipped up against a team we all expected to beat comfortably knock the confidence and enthusiasm that is here on Kickback? If we win well on Saturday will it be back to normal?