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Soufian El Hassanoui

23 July 2014 - 04:36 PM

With us coming into the last weeks of pre-season, we have learnt much about our new signings, especially our non-Scottish signings. Gomis looks a hard work in midfield and can control it, Sow looks powerful, quick and good at finishing (and is still to get up to fitness.) Bauben works really well with Gomis and Ozturk looks classy both in a football sense and non-football sense.

But El Hassanoui has dropped of from what people have been talking about this coming season. This is due to him recovering from a previous operation so is having his recovery done carefully. So he feels a great unknown, all I have seen is a couple of youtube videos (which can be misleading) which show him as a technically great player who almost looks like Taouil but with more purpose in what he does (and bigger physique.) But honestly dont really know if that is a fair description of him or not. The fact that people are unsure whether he is a striker or attacking midfielder shows we are not sure what we have positionally and how Robbie will use him. And Mark De Vries rates him.

So is anyone else looking forward to seeing him play? Any clearer ideas of what kind of player we have on our hands.

Is the Guardian turning into Mail online?

22 July 2014 - 07:24 PM

I saw this article today and thought what twaddle


but then it made me think, it feels like those mail online columns like the woman who thinks all other women are just jealous of her which are done purely to get people to go onto the mail website. And is not like its an isolated article, for example one article recently is about how the world cup is sexist. The comment is free section seems to be full of attention grabbing headlines that are full poorly constructed arguments underneath. So is the Guardian now going for the shameless attention articles that it criticises mail online for?

The little things...

16 July 2014 - 12:24 AM

I was reading this earlier about the new hospitality package:

"We will source the finest ingredients from suppliers in the locale of our visiting teams, so you can expect prime Galloway beef when we host Queen of the South and don't miss out on the Hibees Hog Roast when we entertain our neighbours from across the city."


Now to me it may be a small thing, but its delightful to see about how they are having a view to make hospitality more better (so make the food special.) To me it made me think about how since we exited admin, all the little things that have been done well, so for example how the twitter account has felt more active and personal from interacting with fans to creating a buzz with announcements.

Or how they are doing the Jazz night with the Man City game, doing something different but also embracing a festival in Edinburgh. Or extending the season ticket phase 1 for a few days more after listening to fans.

All these are not big things, they are little things, ideas and changes, but together they will make a big difference to club. Is there any other little changes people have noticed that they have been impressed with.

Brad McKay

04 July 2014 - 07:08 PM

Think he will really come on this season.

But main reason I wanted to start this thread is to locate the video from last season of the Brad McKay song done to the tune Bruce Springsteens Dancing in the Dark. My favourite song from last season.

Overused Movie Cliches

29 June 2014 - 09:59 PM

I have noticed a few recurring cliches in films coming out.

For example any action film now needs the protagonist to be an former special forces/secret agent.

Any horror film has been done in hand held camera (found footage.)  

Anyone notice any other cliches in films?